Modification of Sentences under the New Indiana Criminal Code

August 12, 2014

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

Until recently, the Indiana Criminal Code has been largely the same for the last thirty years. However, as times and law enforcement practice evolve, so must the law governing them. Amongst the many changes made to the new Indiana Criminal Code was a significant change to the modification statute and how individuals could seek to change their sentences after they were convicted.

Under the old code, an individual could only request a medication of their sentence if that modification of the sentence would sought within one year of the imposition of the sentence (provided that it was not barred by the terms of a plea agreement). If the modification was sought after one year had passed, it would require the approval of the Prosecuting Attorney, which is not always given.

Under the new Indiana Criminal Code, however, an individual may petition for a modification of his or her sentence at any time after the individual was sentenced. And, the Prosecuting Attorney need not agree to the modification in order for an individual to be given one.

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