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Lights, Siren, Action!
Lights, Siren, Action!

When people hear a police siren, and see red and blue lights in their rear-view mirror, many things turn on. A heightened sense of awareness and concern for why the police are pulling them over are two things. But many people forget that, often, the police officer's in-car ...

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Blog posts in January, 2014

  • Over-The-Top Cops: Fake Eye Test to Gain Probable Cause

    "Sir, have you been drinking tonight, or have you recently used any controlled substances or drugs?" "Uh, no officer, I haven't." "Okay, you don't ...

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  • Bradley Keffer Attends National DUI Conference

    Bradley Keffer is attending the winter conference for the National College of DUI Defense in San Diego, California. The conference, attended by DUI ...

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  • I'm Taking My Handgun to the Range. Do I Need a Handgun License?

    Generally, it is not required if transported properly. Indiana law generally provides, unless as otherwise provided through certain exceptions, a ...

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  • If You're Arrested in Indiana, Can Officers Look in Your Cell Phone?

    The unsatisfying answer for now is: maybe. In 2012, the United States Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals addressed this issue in U.S. v. Lopez-Flores , ...

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  • It's Not the Public Intoxication of Yesteryear

    Walking home peacefully from the bar after having a few too many is no longer against the law in Indiana. Prior to July 1, 2012, a person could be ...

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  • Marked versus Unmarked Police Cars: When Does It Matter?

    Let's not pretend that they do not exist. Let's not pretend that we don't see them sitting on the side of the road or moving in-and-out of traffic on ...

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  • Over-The-Top Cops: Why Have a Drug Dog When You Can Pretend You Do?

    "Sir, can I search your car?" "Well…officer…I'm not certain I should be doing that." "Hey, listen, do I need call a drug dog? Because I can. Or, you ...

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  • Uncommon Indiana Traffic Infractions That Police Commonly Enforce

    Motorists tend to appreciate that police officers have a job to do, and that sometimes that job can be a tough one. By and large, motorists tend to ...

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  • When Prison Food Violates the U.S. Constitution

    What is nutraloaf? It is most certainly not your grandmother's fruit cake. Spelled "nutriloaf" or "nutraloaf," it is "a bad-tasting food given to ...

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