Former IMPD Officer Settles Lawsuit with the City of Indianapolis

Former IMPD Officer Settles Lawsuit with the City of Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana (October 13, 2014) – On July 5, 2012, former IMPD Officer Jack Rebolledo filed a federal lawsuit against two ranking IMPD officers: Lieutenant Terry Eden and Commander Thomas Koppel. In his complaint, Mr. Rebolledo asserted that in December of 2010, Lt. Eden and Cmdr. Koppel improperly ordered the seizure of his personal firearms by IMPD without justification. Prompted by a call from Rebolledo's ex-wife, who at the time lived across town and was involved in a custody dispute over Rebolledo's children, officers were sent to Rebolledo's Northside home. Then, under the orders of Lt. Terry Eden, all of Rebolledo's firearms were seized and taken to IMPD's property room. It would take over two months before Rebolledo was able to negotiate the return of his personally owned firearms. When Rebolledo initially requested that his firearms be returned, Lt. Eden told Rebolledo to "sue me." And Mr. Rebolledo did just that.

While a trial had been set for September 15, 2014, the Defendants agreed to resolve the lawsuit through a financial settlement to Mr. Rebolledo. "I believe that Mr. Rebolledo is satisfied with the outcome and he hopes that his case can be seen as a lesson that even off-duty officers are protected by the Constitution," said Scott Barnhart, Mr. Rebolledo's attorney in the case. He continued, "the existence of a chain of command does not permit a superior officer to violate of an individual's second or fourth amendment rights." Mr. Rebolledo currently serves as a Lt. Colonel in the United States Army and is stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland.


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