The Sign Reads: No Guns Allowed

September 05, 2014

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

Recently, retailers including Starbucks and Target have issued statements and requests that their customers not bring firearms into their stores. This was touched on in an IndyStar article this week. See This raises the significant question: what legal effect do these policies or no-firearms signs have?

Generally, unless possession of a firearm in an area is expressly prohibited by federal or state law, a sign is merely a request and not a requirement under the law. However, if an individual is asked to leave an area whether possessing a firearm or not, and he refuses, he could be subject to various criminal penalties including criminal trespassing and residential entry. Some people have taken to voting with their wallets and will not patronize businesses that preclude the possession of firearms, or have policies that are not in keeping with the Second Amendment.

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