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Constitutional Food
Constitutional Food

The Constitution requires that prisons provide inmates with nutritionally adequate food that is prepared and served under conditions which do not present an immediate threat to the health and well-being of the inmates who consume it. French v. Owens , 777 F.2d 1250, 1255 ...

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Blog Posts in 2015

  • Selfies in the Ballot Box

    Whether an individual can take a “selfie” of their ballot while in the ballot box? That was one of the issues that was debated recently in the ...

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  • ABA'S Top 25 Legal Movies

    The American Bar Association, which was founded in 1878, is a national association of attorneys representing approximately 400,000 members and 3,500 ...

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  • Always Read the Fine Print

    Fine print is everywhere. It’s on the bottom of credit card applications, in the terms of use section of almost every computer program available, and ...

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  • What is a Provisional Order?

    You may have heard of the term before and wondered, in regards to a divorce, what is a “provisional order” exactly? A provisional order is a temporary ...

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  • Fashion Police or First Amendment Police

    Dadeville, Alabama, elected officials would like to pass a City ordinance that bans short shorts, saggy pants, and mini-skirts in order to promote ...

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  • Man's Best Friend Inside the Courtroom

    The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right of a defendant to confront their accuser in court. “[I]t is this literal right to ‘confront’ the witness at ...

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  • Recidivism

    Indiana law recently underwent one of the most significant overhauls in decades, in part, to the rising prison population and recidivism. Indiana’s ...

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  • Should Lawyers Be Innovators?

    In June, we wrote about the Indiana State Bar Association and the Indiana University McKinney School of Law for hosting a Legal Education Conclave. A ...

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  • Microwaves and the Right to Privacy

    In April of this year, we wrote about how technology has changed how law enforcement monitors the use of firearms. ...

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