Do I need a carry permit to take my handgun to the gun range?

August 11, 2015

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

No, you do not. Since July of 2011, Indiana law permits the transportation of a handgun or handguns without a license. Presuming you are a proper person and are not otherwise disqualified, a Hoosier may transport a handgun to a shooting range. I.C. § 35-47-2-1. However, that transportation is conditional and must be done correctly. The individual must transport the gun in a vehicle that is owned, leased, rented, or otherwise legally controlled by the person. If a person owns or leases a car, then this requirement is generally not an issue.

However, what about other arrangements? Can an individual use a taxi or an Uber to take a handgun to the range? While the issue has not been litigated or squarely decided by the Indiana appellate courts, it presents some interesting, but difficult questions. While in some sense, using a taxi or Uber might be considered “renting” that vehicle for a short period of time. It seems outside of the general understanding of what it means to “rent” a car. Moreover, an Uber or taxi rider does not have control over the vehicle while using it. It would seem that an Uber or taxi vehicle would not qualify under the statute. This position is further supported by Uber’s prohibition this summer against having firearms in their cars. See (last visited August 10, 2015).

In addition to the vehicle requirement, the handgun must be unloaded, not readily accessible, and secured in a case. While not defined, the Indiana State Police has suggested that it believes that “secured” means locked. See (last visited August 10, 2015). Similarly, while the term “not readily accessible” has not been defined, it would seem that transporting a handgun in a locked trunk would qualify as inaccessible. Id.

Certainly, transporting a handgun without a license can be done. However, the specific, if not onerous requirements, would indicate that those who do so regularly should seriously consider obtaining their license to carry so that the transportation of their handguns can be done more easily.

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