Who is Listening?

February 24, 2015

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

Just as technology with guns has markedly improved, so has the technology that law enforcement uses to assist with its monitoring of the use of firearms, or crimes involving firearms. SST, Inc. has developed “ShotSpotter,” which is a detection system that confirms when, and approximately where, a gun has been fired. See www.shotspotter.com. The system also advises law enforcement how many rounds have been fired. The system uses audio sensors placed throughout the community to identify the location of and rounds fired. This technology has been, or is currently being, used in Milwaukee, Detroit, Oakland, and approximately 90 other cities throughout the country.

For those individuals who regularly carry a firearm, it may be helpful to know whether the law enforcement in your community uses such a system. There is little doubt that information gathered through that system could be potentially be useful if one is facing criminal charges or the revocation of their license to carry a handgun.

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