E-filing of Court Cases in Indiana

July 31, 2015

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

In September of 2014, the Indiana Supreme Court approved Indiana Trial Rule 86, which addressed electronic-filing of court cases in Indiana. While the federal courts already allow for electronic filing of cases through the ECF/PACER system (beginning in 2001), Indiana has not yet had the ability for parties and attorneys to file their cases, pleadings, and other documents electronically through the Internet.

In July, the Court issued an order directing the Division of State Court Administration and E-Filing Steering Committee to establish and post an E-Filing Implementation Schedule at courts.in.gov/efile. The rollout of the e-filing system will begin with a limited pilot in Hamilton County with a target start date of July 29, 2015. E-filing will be open to all filers for specific types of civil cases in Hamilton County later in August.

As it is a pilot program, there will no doubt be issues that arise and changes that will be necessary. Nonetheless, it is the start of an important step for Indiana as it moves toward using technology to make the court system used by Hoosiers more efficient and more available.

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