September 01, 2015

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

Indiana law recently underwent one of the most significant overhauls in decades, in part, to the rising prison population and recidivism. Indiana’s prison population has more than doubled over the last thirty years; from a prison population of approximately ten thousand in 1986 to a population of over twenty-five thousand today. Specifically, in June of 2015, there were 25,112 offenders in Indiana prisons, which is just four percent below the bed capacity for the general population. (last visited August 20, 2015). There were also 2,615 female offenders, which is just seven percent below the bed capacity for the general population.

State lawmakers discovered recently that Indiana has numerous in-prison and post-prison training programs that seek to improve the lives of the 27,000 inmates in Indiana facilities. (last visited August 20, 2015). However, only a limited number of inmates participate in the services due to limited state financial support, staffing, space, and business cooperation. Id. Although there is no sole solution; education, counseling, and training programs are one aspect of a solution that works to reduce recidivism. Id. In light of the fact that there were 1,147 adults that were admitted to IDOC and 1,446 adults that were released from IDOC in the month of June alone, this appears to be a problem that is not going away.

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