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Dropping Eaves: Can I Listen to a Police Scanner?

Can an individual listen to a live broadcast of a police scanner? The City of Terre Haute, Indiana, hopes that the answer to that question is no. The Terre Haute City Attorney recently sent a cease and desist letter to an organization that...

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Parents and Parties Part 1

As we enter the holiday season, many choose to celebrate by having gatherings and parties with family and friends. And many of those parties include the...

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Ex-Prisoners: They Need Jobs Too

From July 1, 2015, to May 1, 2016, the Indiana Department of Correction’s adult inmate population decreased from 27,200 inmates to 26,142. As the numbers...

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Is TruNarc a True Narc?

It has been reported this week that the Indiana State Police has five devices called “TruNarc” that are designed to recognize approximately 370 types of...

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