Classification of Offenders Inside IDOC Facilities

August 31, 2016

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

The Indiana Department of Correction (“IDOC”) now classifies offenders by applying standards based on specific information concerning each prisoner. See (last visited February 9, 2016). Inmates are evaluated and assigned classification categories at one of the IDOC’s intake facilities. One such facility is the “Reception Diagnostic Center,” commonly referred to as simply the “RDC.” Located in Plainfield, Indiana, the RDC maintains a daily population of approximately 600 inmates. These inmates are housed at the RDC long enough for the IDOC to identify an appropriate facility in Indiana before they are transported to their more permanent facility. The IDOC uses this process in an attempt to ensure that offenders are assigned to appropriate groups and facilities based on criteria such as: public safety, staff safety, the safety of the offender, and the educational, medical, and personal needs of the offender. Id.

Although most counties in Indiana have local detention options, individuals sentenced to extended incarceration are assigned to facilities identified as “prisons.” Prior to the recent changes to the Indiana Criminal Code, prisons were intended specifically for any inmate receiving a sentence of longer than one year. However, modifications of the code have resulted in lengthier sentences being served in county facilities. In addition to these county and state prison facilities, IDOC also has approximately fourteen work release institutions available for inmate placement throughout the state. (last visited February 9, 2016).

Indiana has fewer than twenty detention facilities designated as “prisons.” These facilities are classified as Minimum, Medium, or Maximum security, and are assigned a corresponding level. (last visited February 9, 2016). The Minimum Security (level 1) facilities are the least restrictive; housing inmates in dormitory style housing, and these include work release programs. Facilities designated Medium Security (Level 2 and Level 3) have increased security measures. These facilities contain both dormitory housing, and living quarters divided into cells. Finally, Maximum Security facilities (Level 4) maintain the highest security standards, and contain exclusively cells for living quarters. There are six Minimum Security facilities in Indiana, nine Medium Security facilities, and four Maximum Security facilities.

The Department of Correction offers an “offender locator” system online at (last visited February 9, 2016). This system allows for basic searches by inmate name. If you have a loved one who has been transported to RDC for assignment, you will be able to follow their assignment from RDC to their more permanent facility online.

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