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Forfeiture and Greed: When is the Government’s Taking of Your Property Excessive
Forfeiture and Greed: When is the Government’s Taking of Your Property Excessive

In Indiana, the State is empowered to seize and take possession of the property of others via a legal mechanism known as Civil Asset Forfeiture. This process, enacted in Indiana through Indiana Code 34-24-1 and 34-24-2, allow a local county prosecutor’s office to bring ...

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Blog posts in October, 2016

  • Indiana Child Support: Easy as 1, 2, 3…Perhaps

    While many view child support as a legal complexity, in Indiana, the calculations are completed by a simple math algorithm. Through this algorithm, ...

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  • Ex-Prisoners: They Need Jobs Too

    From July 1, 2015, to May 1, 2016, the Indiana Department of Correction’s adult inmate population decreased from 27,200 inmates to 26,142. As the ...

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  • Ah, City Parks: the Trees, the Grass…the Guns?

    Interestingly, in Indiana, a town, city, or county in Indiana cannot ban guns from its parks. In 2011, the Indiana General Assembly enacted Indiana ...

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  • The Puzzle: Dissembling and Assembling Firearms and Indiana Firearm Law

    Most of us have a general, and practical, understanding of the definition of a handgun or a firearm. However, under Indiana law, those terms have ...

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  • Until Prison Do Us Part: Divorcing an Inmate

    Unfortunately, any number of reasons can cause a married couple to divorce: finances, infidelity, a change in personalities or affect. And, many ...

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  • The Toughest DUI Question May Be The Easiest: Do I Take the Breath Test?

    The answer depends on what type of test the officer is offering. During a DUI investigation, a police officer may offer two different types of breath ...

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  • Escaping Jail, the Legal Way! Recent Updates to Indiana’s Pre-Trial Release Rules

    Most of us are familiar with the tale of the inmate who successfully escapes a prison by slowing chiseling his way out of his cell with a file or a ...

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