What Are The Consequences of Drunk Driving?

December 15, 2017

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

The consequences of a DUI here in the State of Indiana begin well before there’s ever a conviction. People’s jobs are lost. People are put in jail or they’re detained in their homes well before they’re ever convicted. It’s always important to make sure that all of those rights are properly defended, that a person isn’t placed on any sort of monitoring or any sort of suspension is occurring if the law doesn’t allow it.

Then you reach a conviction potentially, where a person can be looking at anything for a misdemeanor up to a year in jail. But if someone has prior convictions, that person could serve up to nine years in jail for a DUI. The consequences of a DUI, it can be life-changing. Once the conviction occurs it can only spiral deeper. Making sure that you have appropriate attorneys there to defend you, hold the state to its burden, protect your rights and your privileges, such as driving in the state of Indiana is of the utmost importance.