Felonies and Funerals

February 20, 2017

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

Generally, disorderly conduct is a B misdemeanor and occurs when a person who recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally: (1) engages in fighting or in tumultuous conduct; (2) makes unreasonable noise and continues to do so after being asked to stop; or (3) disrupts a lawful assembly of persons. I.C. 35-45-1-3. Not surprisingly, disorderly conduct is often charged and paired with a charge of public intoxication.

However, there are circumstances where that crime can be a felony. Disorderly conduct is a felony if it is committed within five hundred (500) feet of the location where a burial is being performed; a funeral procession, if the person knows that the funeral procession is taking place; or a building in which a funeral or memorial service or the viewing of a deceased person is being conducted; and adversely affects the funeral, burial, viewing, funeral procession, or memorial service. It is also a felony to commit disorderly conduct if it adversely affects airport security and is committed in an airport or on the premises of an airport.

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