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Not All Batteries Are the Same
Not All Batteries Are the Same

The act of battery is a violent offense, which is not to be confused with the legal concept of assault that deals with the threat of violence. A battery requires actual and unwanted physical contact between two people. Indiana Code 35-42-2 defines battery as the touching of ...

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Blog posts in March, 2017

  • Spring Training: Designated Hitter Part 2

    In February, in a blog entry entitled, “Designated Hitter,” Keffer Hirschauer LLP blogged about using retired Supreme Court Justices or other judges ...

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  • Jurors’ Secrets Revealed

    Jurors’ Secrets Revealed It is generally understood that a “jury’s deliberations are secret and not subject to outside examination,” Yeager v. United ...

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  • Could the DUI limit be lowered to .05?

    Last week, the Utah Legislature became the first state in the country to lower its blood alcohol limit from .08 to .05. ...

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  • Forfeiting Forfeiture

    This legislative session, Indiana Senator Phil Boots introduced Senate Bill 8 addressing revisions to Indiana’s current forfeiture statute. The ...

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  • You’re Out of Here! Exclusion from Trial

    The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 13 of Indiana’s Constitution guarantee a defendant charged with a crime ...

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  • What does the term “en banc” mean?

    Recently, the Seventh Circuit and the Fourth Circuit appellate courts have heard and rendered significant decisions “en banc” within the last month. ...

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  • No Constitutional Right to Counsel for a Grand Jury Witness

    As was recently discussed in a previous post, a grand jury is a less commonly known part of system that is used to conduct an investigation and/or ...

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