What is a DWI?

February 09, 2018

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

Operating while intoxicated offenses generally refer to three different categories of offenses. Offenses that involve operating a motor vehicle while in a state of intoxication, operating a motor vehicle with a prohibited blood alcohol concentration or operating a motor vehicle with a controlled substance in the body or blood.

Oftentimes, individuals will use acronyms interchangeably. They’ll call them OWIs, OVWIs, DUIs, OUIs and any number of other acronyms to describe what is simply drunk driving.

Each state uses a different acronym or a different word to describe the same type of offense.

What’s important is the law that is being described by that acronym and to make sure that you’ve contacted an experienced DUI attorney to understand how that law affects your future and affects you.