How Do I Beat a Drug Trafficking Charge?

January 05, 2018

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

A drug trafficking charge in the State of Indiana breaks down into a couple of different categories and a couple of different mechanisms, in which the charge can be more egregious or you can receive a higher level charge. The primary things are whether or not they can prove the distribution and how they are proving distribution or dealing. Secondarily, weight is always important. Recently, Indiana has changed the law where weight alone is not enough to allow for them to prove a dealing or a trafficking charge. There has to be some other indicia of dealing. In any sort of drug trafficking case or drug possession case, the contact, interaction, and search is always the most important.

They are always very factually driven and the Indiana Supreme Court, as well as the Indiana Appellate Court, has spent years finding direct and specific mechanisms by which the police are able to search vehicles, cars, homes, people’s person and you always need the assistance of skilled attorneys who’ve reviewed all that, that are involved in those cases in the past who can help you.