How do I beat a felony drug charge?

January 12, 2018

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

Felony drug charges are not that different than misdemeanor drug charges. Although they come with much harsher penalties, you are always first looking to see whether or not the police and how they came into contact with an individual and how they searched an individual as the primary focus to bring down the charge. Beyond that, once you get into a felony level, you’re dealing with some additional enhancements. Some of which includes distance from listed locations such as schools, churches. In addition, weight is always an issue.

Whether or not the state of Indiana is weighing the drugs properly and if the weights aren’t appropriately calibrated, that, in and of itself, can become an issue for the state that can bring any sort of charge from a felony, maybe, out of a felony realm. If you’re having an issue or someone you love is being charged with a crime, we here at Keffer Hirschauer are here to save them, save you, and do everything we can, legally, to protect you.