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What happens if you're not read your Miranda rights?
What happens if you're not read your Miranda rights?

When an individual is subject to custodial interrogation, that means that they're in the custody of law enforcement, and are being asked questions by law enforcement, they must be read their Miranda warnings before any of those statements are admitted to trial. Now, law ...

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Blog posts in March, 2018

  • How to File a Lawsuit Against a State Agency

    Before you file a lawsuit against a state agency, you have to do certain things. One of those things is filing what they call a Notice of Tort Claim. ...

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  • What is Considered a Misdemeanor?

    A misdemeanor is a criminal conviction that has penalties up to a year. The law strikes a huge difference between a felony and a misdemeanor. When you ...

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  • Firearms and Indiana’s “Dangerous Person” Statute

    Last month, Indiana Attorney General, Curtis Hill, met with President Donald Trump to discuss a little-known Indiana statute and express his desire to ...

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  • What is Considered Reckless Driving?

    Reckless driving in the state of Indiana is a criminal charge. It is a low-level misdemeanor. The most common mechanisms by which people are charged ...

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  • Do police have to read me my Miranda Rights?

    Quick Answer—No, not necessarily It is fair to say that when an individual is asking this question,—does an officer have to read me my Miranda ...

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  • Is a DUI Considered a Criminal Offense?

    A DUI is considered a criminal offense. It is much more than a traffic violation because it has several implications, involving license suspension, ...

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