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Understanding the Laws on Criminal Mischief in Indiana

Criminal Mischief in Indiana  Nearly every state has a different name for what Indiana refers to as criminal mischief. Sometimes, it’s simply called vandalism or graffiti; in other states, it may be called the destruction of property. However, all states take this...

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Age of Consent in Indiana

What Is the Age of Consent in Indiana? Consent is a mutual agreement to engage in sexual activity, but Indiana law establishes certain requirements for...

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Ex-Prisoners: They Need Jobs Too

From July 1, 2015, to May 1, 2016, the Indiana Department of Correction’s adult inmate population decreased from 27,200 inmates to 26,142. As the numbers...

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Selfies in the Ballot Box

Whether an individual can take a “selfie” of their ballot while in the ballot box? That was one of the issues that was debated recently in the Southern...

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“Is Weed Legal in Indiana?”

“Is Weed Legal in Indiana?”   No, weed is not legal in Indiana. In fact, Indiana considers weed (more commonly known as cannabis, marijuana, or pot) a...

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DUI Expungement in Indiana

DUI Expungement in Indiana  If you've been convicted of drunk driving in Indiana, there's no need to carry the weight of your past mistake. DUI...

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Felony DUI in Indiana

Understanding Felony DUI in Indiana Everyone understands that driving under the influence (DUI) is a criminal offense, but not everyone realizes the...

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Predictive Policing

Many individuals often think of police work as reactionary. An alleged crime occurs and police are called to investigate. However, with technology, many...

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Ballot Box Selfies

Voting in the United States is viewed by many as a sacred right. Just as with many other aspects of their lives, some individuals use their smartphones...

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