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Expunging Your Dismissed Criminal Case: It’s a Must!
Expunging Your Dismissed Criminal Case: It’s a Must!

Have you previous been arrested and charged with a criminal case that was ultimately dismissed? Did you enter into, and successfully complete, a pre-trial diversion program? Perhaps you were found not guilty at a trial on your charges? If any of these scenarios apply to you, ...

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  • Why should I get an expungement? One Study Says It Increases Income by $6,190

    If you have a criminal history, particularly if that conviction is old, you may likely wonder whether it is worth your while to expunge that ...

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  • New Indiana Law on Tattooing Eyeballs: We Didn’t See That Coming

    Trends come and trends go. But what is universal is that the law is usually playing catch-up with those trends. This is not so when it comes to the ...

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  • What is a criminal history? Can it be Expunged?

    At some point in all of our favorite modern crime shows, one of the officers will sit down at a computer, pull up a list, and say something snappy ...

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  • Can a DUI be expunged?

    A lot of times when we're dealing with DUI arrests and convictions, people want to know when and how they can expunge it. And unfortunately, there's ...

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  • How Do I Get my Records Sealed?

    When an individual is looking to get their records sealed, that individual must follow a process by which they petition a court to limit access to ...

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  • Not All Batteries Are the Same

    The act of battery is a violent offense, which is not to be confused with the legal concept of assault that deals with the threat of violence. A ...

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  • Spring Training: Designated Hitter Part 2

    In February, in a blog entry entitled, “Designated Hitter,” Keffer Hirschauer LLP blogged about using retired Supreme Court Justices or other judges ...

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  • Judges Pro Tempore: Judicial Pinch Hitters

    Many times, individuals will walk into court and notice that a new judge is sitting at the bench. The judge is professionally dressed, usually ...

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  • Should Lawyers Be Innovators?

    In June, we wrote about the Indiana State Bar Association and the Indiana University McKinney School of Law for hosting a Legal Education Conclave. ...

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