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What Kinds of Convictions Can Be Cleared under Indiana Expungement Law?
What Kinds of Convictions Can Be Cleared under Indiana Expungement Law?

Your criminal record does not have to follow you forever. The process of sealing your record can open the door to new possibilities for work, licensing, housing, loans, and more. However, the process, called expungement , is more complex than merely making a written request. ...

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  • When You Need Help with Indiana Driver’s License Points

    To help enforce Indiana traffic laws and keep the roads safe, the state established a point system to objectively track and record traffic violations. ...

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  • Managing Partner Bradley Keffer Speaks About the Benefits of Expungements

    Attorney Bradley Keffer of Keffer Hirschauer LLP was recently featured in a Legal Newsline article about the importance of expungement. According to ...

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  • Court of Appeals Update: Possibly Significant Restrictions on Expungements

    Individuals often seek expungements for some of the same reasons that individuals seek to have their Level 6 felonies reduced to misdemeanors: ...

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  • New Indiana Law Makes Cases Eligible for Expungement

    New Indiana Law Makes Cases Eligible for Expungement We have devoted several previous blogs to the subject of expungements , including how our firm’s ...

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  • Expunging Your Dismissed Criminal Case: It’s a Must!

    Have you previous been arrested and charged with a criminal case that was ultimately dismissed? Did you enter into, and successfully complete, a ...

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  • Why should I get an expungement? One Study Says It Increases Income by $6,190

    If you have a criminal history, particularly if that conviction is old, you may likely wonder whether it is worth your while to expunge that ...

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  • New Indiana Law on Tattooing Eyeballs: We Didn’t See That Coming

    Trends come and trends go. But what is universal is that the law is usually playing catch-up with those trends. This is not so when it comes to the ...

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  • What is a criminal history? Can it be Expunged?

    At some point in all of our favorite modern crime shows, one of the officers will sit down at a computer, pull up a list, and say something snappy ...

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  • Can a DUI be expunged?

    A lot of times when we're dealing with DUI arrests and convictions, people want to know when and how they can expunge it. And unfortunately, there's ...

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