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Foster Parents Empowered by New Indiana Law
Foster Parents Empowered by New Indiana Law

A new Indiana law, which has recently gone into effect, will give foster parents more influence in family law proceedings involving children that they are currently fostering or previously fostered. When it comes to family law in Indiana, and across the United States, courts ...

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  • Lovestruck: Diversion and Domestic Violence

    Lovestruck: Diversion and Domestic Violence Charges claiming an individual has committed domestic violence can be potentially devastating not only to ...

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  • Can my spouse change the locks when he or she files for divorce?

    Divorce is uncomfortable to say the least, and living in a shared space during a divorce whether the earliest stages or near the end can be volatile. ...

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  • Can I spank my child?

    Am I Allowed to Spank my Child? In Indiana, the answer is a qualified yes that a parent can spank their children. However, the ability to do so is not ...

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  • What is a structured settlement?

    A structured settlement is a specific resolution of a case that pays out the settlement amount as an annuity rather than in a lump sum, which can ...

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  • Do I need a license to carry a handgun?

    In a previous blog from 2014, Keffer Hirschauer LLP explained that Indiana law provides for certain areas and circumstances where a proper person can ...

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  • Whose cell phone is that?

    It has happened to many of us. Our cell phone, sometimes set to a distinctive ring, goes off at a particularly inopportune time. Reassuringly, judges ...

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  • What is an "uncontested divorce"?

    An “uncontested divorce” can occur when a couple can approach the court in agreement about the terms of their divorce. That generally means that all ...

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  • Is Your Prospective Lawyer Up-to-Date on Technology?

    The Rules Committee that is responsible for suggesting changes or corrections to Indiana’s rules of professional responsibility included a pertinent ...

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  • For Your Eyes Only: Surveillance Cameras and Privacy

    Surveillance cameras seem to be omnipresent. Businesses use them. Jails and prisons use them both inside and outside of their facilities. And many ...

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