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The Jake Laird Law: Indiana Gun Rights and the Red Flag Law
The Jake Laird Law: Indiana Gun Rights and the Red Flag Law

The Indiana red flag gun law, commonly called the Jake Laird Law, was passed in 2005 and amended in 2019. Indiana was the second state in the U.S. to pass a red flag law , which permits law enforcement to seize and retain firearms from individuals who are deemed “dangerous” ...

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  • Lovestruck: Diversion and Domestic Violence

    Lovestruck: Diversion and Domestic Violence Charges claiming an individual has committed domestic violence can be potentially devastating not only to ...

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  • Firearms and Indiana’s “Dangerous Person” Statute

    Last month, Indiana Attorney General, Curtis Hill, met with President Donald Trump to discuss a little-known Indiana statute and express his desire to ...

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  • Aliens and Guns

    Effective this month, the possession of a firearm by an illegal alien is now a felony. Indiana Code 35-47-4 now states that an alien who is illegally ...

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  • Do I need a license to carry a handgun?

    In a previous blog from 2014, Keffer Hirschauer LLP explained that Indiana law provides for certain areas and circumstances where a proper person can ...

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  • Not All Batteries Are the Same

    The act of battery is a violent offense, which is not to be confused with the legal concept of assault that deals with the threat of violence. A ...

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  • What does the term “en banc” mean?

    Recently, the Seventh Circuit and the Fourth Circuit appellate courts have heard and rendered significant decisions “en banc” within the last month. ...

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  • Razor’s edge: What is the difference between Switchblades and Spring-Assisted Knives?

    Under Indiana law, “[i]t is a Class B misdemeanor for a person to manufacture, possess, display, offer, sell, lend, give away, or purchase any knife ...

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  • Easy on the Trigger: Why a Handgun Permit Can be Denied?

    When it comes to handgun permits, Indiana is a “shall” issue State, which means that the State will issue a license if requested unless the individual ...

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  • Knock Knock: Do I Have to Open the Door for the Police?

    Answering the door is certainly the polite and neighborly thing to do. However, does an individual have to legally open the door of his or her ...

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