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The Jake Laird Law: Indiana Gun Rights and the Red Flag Law

The Indiana red flag gun law, commonly called the Jake Laird Law, was passed in 2005 and amended in 2019. Indiana was the second state in the U.S. to pass a red flag law, which permits law enforcement to seize and retain firearms from individuals who are deemed...

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Aliens and Guns

Effective this month, the possession of a firearm by an illegal alien is now a felony. Indiana Code 35-47-4 now states that an alien who is illegally or...

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Not All Batteries Are the Same

The act of battery is a violent offense, which is not to be confused with the legal concept of assault that deals with the threat of violence. A battery...

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Excuse me, is this your bag?

When traveling to the airport, it can feel as though you need to remember a million things. Did you print the tickets? Have you left enough time to get...

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