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What is Expungement?

Indiana just a number of years ago created a new law that allows people to expunge a criminal record. You wonder what is an expungement? People are allowed to seal criminal arrests and criminal convictions, as well as other criminal court proceedings even including dismissals. The expungement law was specifically drafted, created and enacted so that people who maybe have done some bad things in the past aren’t defined by those choices and they’re able to be the person that they are today, not the person they were 10 years ago.

Expungement allows them to seal those records and go forward as the citizen they know they are. Expungement was meant to be a simple process it was meant to be something that every citizen had access to but as with all things in government. There are some serious complexities that have come through, you need someone skilled who understands the law. We feel like we’re able to help a lot of people through expungement, to seal those records so that they can be seen as the person they are, not the person they were.

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