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What is the Title IX Process and How Do I Prepare?

Being accused of a Title IX violation can be a daunting situation. You’re not sure of what comes next and how it will play out for you. It’s easy to find yourself panicking during this challenging time, and it’s vital for you to recognize the process and ways you can prepare.

Our Indiana Title IX attorneys want to defend your rights and help you in the most effective ways possible. This includes working to help you understand how the process works regarding investigations and what you can do to prepare yourself accordingly.

Policies to Know

When investigating a reported Title IX violation, universities are required to create and follow their own individually created Title IX policies. As such, the Title IX policies outline some ways the university must proceed with the investigation process, such as ensuring they contain relevant definitions of the act in question, the proper legal standard is identified, the university has a set process to make a decision, and there are deadlines in place.

The investigation phase involves the gathering of witness statements and information from the parties involved, reviewing evidence, and submitting a report of the investigation. From there, one of two parties will make a decision based on the university’s report. For instance, Butler University and University of Indianapolis have an investigator or Title IX officer determine violations. At Indiana State University, Indiana University, and Purdue University, a panel will make the decision of whether a violation has occurred.

Preparing Your Defense

Throughout the entire investigation, it’s vital to have legal representation to prevent any problems from occurring. Because investigators are looking for anything that they can use against you, it’s important to ensure you’re providing true and accurate statements and all relevant evidence to defend yourself.

Even worse, a Title IX investigation can lead to separate criminal charges. Because of this, you want to ensure you’re not taking any chances during the investigation process. The best preparation you can do is hire legal counsel to guide you through each phase of the investigation.

Our Indiana Title IX lawyers at Keffer Hirschauer LLP are here to help you. We’ll provide you experienced counsel and work to show that the accusations against you are untrue and unjust. Let us help during your time of need.

Call us at (317) 857-0160 for the strong legal defense you need.

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