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Breaking Down the Indiana Barber License Requirements

In the world of barbering, the pursuit of excellence isn’t just about perfecting the art of cutting, trimming and styling hair; it’s also about understanding and meeting the Indiana barber license requirements. Whether you’re taking your first steps toward a rewarding career or you’re a seasoned barber aiming to stay compliant with the law, this comprehensive guide will unravel the intricacies of Indiana’s barber licensing process and provide invaluable insights to help you grow in your career and maintain your ability to practice your craft for years to come.

If do ever find yourself in a situation where your barber license is at risk, the best course of action would be to enlist the services of an experienced and skilled Indiana professional license defense lawyer.  Defending your rights and interests demands a seasoned advocate who understands the nuances of Indiana’s professional licensing regulations and can navigate the administrative processes of the State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners.

If you’re not sure who to call, look no further than the Indiana salon license defense lawyers at Keffer Hirschauer LLP. Our firm has experience defending both barbers and barbershop owners before the State Board and can help defend you against any threats to your professional license in Indiana, ensuring your business and career may continue to thrive.

To speak with attorney about your Indiana Barber License today, call 317-857-0160 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

Indiana Professional License Defense Attorneys

Prerequisite Requirements for an Indiana Barber License

To embark on your journey to becoming a licensed barber in Indiana, you must first meet a handful of specific prerequisites as outlined in Indiana Code 25-8-12.1-3. These requirements are designed to ensure that aspiring barbers receive comprehensive training and are equipped with the skills needed to excel in the field. Under this section, the Indiana barber license requirements include:

  • The applicant is at least 18 years of age; or at least 17 years of age and is the graduate of an accredited high school
  • The applicant has graduated with not less than 1,500 hours of training in a barber program in a beauty culture school
  • The applicant has received a satisfactory grade of at least 75% on an examination for barber license applicants, prescribed by the Board
  • The applicant has not committed an act that could subject them to discipline under the Indiana Professional Licensing Standards of Practice contained in Indiana Code 25-1-11
  • The applicant has successfully paid the required $40.00 fee for the issuance of a barber license

Barbering School Education and Experience

One of the fundamental requirements for an Indiana barber’s license is completing a designated number of hours in a licensed barbering school. The curriculum in these schools is meticulously crafted to cover a wide range of topics, including haircutting techniques, hair styling, shaving, sanitation, and business practices. Through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training, students acquire the knowledge and proficiency needed to excel in the profession.

In addition to classroom education, practical experience is a crucial component of meeting the Indiana barber license requirements. Aspiring barbers must complete 1,500 hours of practical training, where they apply their knowledge and skills under the supervision of experienced professionals. This hands-on experience ensures that barbers are well-prepared to provide high-quality services to clients while adhering to strict standards of hygiene and safety.

Barber License Examination and Application Process

Once you’ve successfully completed the required educational and practical hours required to become a barber in Indiana, you’re ready to take the next step in your journey to becoming a licensed barber in Indiana: the Indiana Barber License Examination.

Once a student is eligible to take the Indiana barber’s license exam, they’ll need to register online and schedule their exam and pay their $44 exam fee. The exams may be taken at a handful of Ivy Tech campuses, including ones in Anderson, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Goshen, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Muncie, Richmond, South Bend, Terre Haute, and Valparaiso.

On the day of the exam, test-takers should arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. They should also come with two forms of valid signature-bearing identification. Typically, this is in the form of a state-issued driver’s license and a signed credit card.

The examination will be completed via computer, using a mouse and keyboard, and will broadly cover the following topics:

  • Rules, Regulations, and Safety (30%)
  • Hair / Scalp Structure and Care (10%)
  • Shaving / Beard Design (15%)
  • Haircutting and Hairstyling (25%)
  • Chemical Services (10%)
  • Skin Care (10%)

As stated earlier, an applicant shall be deemed to have passed the barber examination upon attaining a passing score of 75% on the written portion and a passing score of 75% on the practical portion of the examination. If the applicant does in fact pass the examination and has successfully fulfilled all other Indiana barber license requirements, they may then proceed to submit their application to the Board through the Indiana Licensing Enterprise Portal. However, it’s important to note that there are several items required by this application that each applicant will need to provide. First, if the applicant’s legal name differs from that on any of your documents, they’ll need to submit documentation supporting the name change, like a marriage certificate or divorce decree. Second, they’ll need to have their Beauty Culture Education Certification form on hand to upload to their application. Typically, this form is filled out by their beauty culture school. Third, they’ll need to upload an examination pass notice.

Finally, in order to complete the application, the applicant will need to submit their positive response documentation. If the application answers, “yes” to any of the questions on this document, they’ll need to fully explain why they answered in the affirmative and provide all relevant details. More often than not, a positive response stems from a prior legal matter or the existence of a criminal record which has not been expunged in Indiana. If that’s the case, the applicant should include details about the violation, the location the violation occurred, the date, cause number and disposition. They should also submit copies of court documents for each instance to support their statement. Applicants may submit this information while completing their application or may log back in at a future date and add information using the “License Update,” option on the website.

Prelicensure Determinations on Convictions of Concern

Hopeful barbers who have been convicted of a “conviction of concern,” (as listed in 820 IAC 9-1-4) may petition the State Board for a prelicensure determination. In other words, prior to beginning their prerequisite journey towards becoming a barber, a person may, under 820 AIC 9-1-6, may request that the board evaluate whether their misdemeanor or felony conviction will disqualify them from receiving an Indiana barber’s license. This petition does cost $25, however, in the long run the determination would be well worth the cost, given the significant investment barber schools require.

Requirements for Maintaining an Indiana Barber License

Ensuring compliance with Indiana barber license requirements is a multi-faceted process involving proper sanitation practices and handling the impact of personal circumstances such as criminal convictions or child support delinquency on licensure.

Sanitation Requirements for Barbers and Barber Shops

  • Maintaining Cleanliness: Barber shops and schools must be kept clean, well-lit, and ventilated (820 IAC 8-1-2). This includes ensuring all furniture, equipment, tools, utensils, floors, walls, and ceilings are sanitary.
  • Personal Hygiene and Service Protocol: Barbers are required to wash their hands with soap and water before serving each customer, and smoking is prohibited during service (820 IAC 8-1-3).
  • Cleaning of Shaving Mugs: Shaving mugs and brushes shall be thoroughly rinsed with hot water before each patron is served. Shaving powder or cream is preferable. (820 IAC 8-1-4)
  • Equipment Sterilization: All instruments must be properly sterilized to prevent contamination and spread of germs (820 IAC 8-1-6).
  • Towel and Tool Storage: Clean towels must be stored in closed compartments, and tools should be properly disinfected and stored (820 IAC 8-1-5 & 820 IAC 8-1-6).

In addition to the sanitation standards listed above, anyone who holds an Indiana barber license is required to remain in compliance with the Professional Licensing Standards listed in Indiana Code 25-1-11-5. These standards regulate all licensed professionals and cover a handful of behaviors and activities. Some standards to take note of include the requirement to refrain from engaging in fraud or material deception, false advertising, or fraudulent billing practices; or to refrain from engaging in a course of lewd or immoral conduct in connection with the delivery of services to the public. The standards also state that licensed professionals may face sanctions if convicted of a crime that has a direct bearing on their ability to practice their profession competently or is harmful to the public or are found to have violated a rule or regulation regulating their profession, such as the sanitation requirements for barbers.

Furthermore, Indiana barbers are required, under Indiana Code 25-1-11-8, to refrain from practicing while they are infectious, contagious, or have a communicable disease that has been epidemiologically demonstrated to be transmitted through casual contact during the scope of practice of barbering.

Finally, as provided by Indiana Code 25-1-1.2-7,  if a court finds that the licensed barber in Indiana is delinquent (as defined in IC 31-25-4-2) as a result of an intentional violation of an order for support, the court shall issue an order to the Board (1) requiring that the person’s or practitioner’s license be suspended until further order of the court.

Possible Sanctions Against an Indiana Barber License

When a professional license governing body, like the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners, completes an investigation under Indiana Code 25-1-7 or an inspection under Indiana Code 25-8-3-28, and determines that a barber or barbershop has violated professional, practical, or ethical standards, they are able to impose a variety of disciplinary actions against the license holder.

For less serious violations, the governing body may elect to simply censure, reprimand, and/or fine the licensed professional. However, in situations involving more serious violations, the professional’s license may be suspended or placed on probation. When this occurs, the licensee may be required to comply with certain additional requirements to continue practicing their profession. This could include participation in substance abuse treatment/monitoring, counseling, continuing education, or professional monitoring programs. Finally, the most serious violations could result in the revocation of a person’s barber license in Indiana. Although complete revocations are rare, this type of disciplinary action does occur and is typically the product of serious criminal charges.

Given this it’s vital that any barber facing disciplinary action by the State Board contact an Indiana professional license defense lawyer to help them protect their license. They will be able to review and investigate the allegations made against your barber license, and draft and file an appropriate, sound response to the Board. They’ll also be able to appear before the Board and fight to protect your ability to continue barbering in Indiana.

Need to Speak with an Indiana Barber License Defense Attorney?

Your Indiana barber license represents years of hard work and dedication; and most likely, it is the foundation for your livelihood. You’ve worked incredibly hard at this craft and have perfected your skills, all in an effort to provide exemplary service to your clients. But now, something as small as a simple complaint or as common as a first-time DUI arrest is threatening your ability to work. When this occurs, do not hesitate to contact the Indiana Barber and Salon License defense lawyers at Keffer Hirschauer LLP.

Our team has extensive experience handling matters like this before the various boards and commissions that make up the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. We understand all that’s at stake and will ensure that every avenue is being exhausted in an effort to protect your reputation, career, and livelihood.

To speak with an attorney about your barber license today, call 317-857-0160 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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