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Top Threats to a Medical License in Indiana

The medical profession is built on the pillars of competence, ethics, and compassion; and any threat to your medical license in Indiana is, in essence, a challenge to these core values. Recognizing and mitigating these threats ensures not only compliance with regulatory standards but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. This proactive stance will ensure that everything is being done to prolong your career, safeguard your reputation, and protect the unwavering trust that your patients place in you.  

That said, in an era where the medical field is under intense scrutiny and the expectations for ethical and professional behavior have never been higher, having an Indiana medical license defense attorney available to you is critical. In the intricate and highly regulated field of healthcare, where the scope for legal and ethical challenges is vast, a professional license defense attorney can act as both your shield and your strategist. 

The medical license defense attorneys at Keffer Hirschauer LLP have a nuanced understanding of Indiana medical licensure, and are available to help protect your ability to continue practicing medicine with confidence and integrity. To preserve your reputation, financial stability, and the trust placed in you by both patients and the community, contact our firm today at 317-857-0160 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. Our Indianapolis attorneys are well-acquainted with the administrative and disciplinary procedures of the Indiana Medical Licensing Board and stand ready to defend you and your medical license.  

Indiana Professional License Defense Attorneys

Five Biggest Threats to Your Medical License in Indiana 

The biggest threats to your medical license in Indiana usually involve actions that breach professional standards, ethical guidelines, or the law. It’s important to be aware of these potential threats and to conduct yourself in a manner that not only adheres to the legal standards set forth in Standards of Professional Conduct and Competent Practice of Medicine and the Health Professions Standards of Practice, but also to the ethical standards expected by society. This will better ensure compliance with the strict regulatory standards that govern the medical profession in Indiana, thus protecting your career, reputation, and the integrity of the medical community at-large.  

Professional Misconduct and Ethical Violations 

Professional misconduct and ethical violations constitute a significant threat to a medical license in Indiana, highlighting the paramount importance of integrity and professionalism in healthcare. These infractions can range from breaches of patient confidentiality and privacy to dishonesty in professional dealings, conflicts of interest, inappropriate relationships with patients, and beyond. Such actions not only undermine the trust that patients place in their healthcare providers but also tarnish the reputation of the medical profession as a whole.  

The Attorney General and Indiana Board of Medicine take complaints of misconduct very seriously, as they directly contravene the ethical foundations upon which medical practice is built. The consequences of such misconduct can be severe, including reprimands, mandatory ethics training, suspension, or even the revocation of a medical license.  

Beyond the immediate professional repercussions, these violations can erode the physician-patient relationship, damaging the very fabric of effective healthcare delivery. Therefore, adherence to ethical guidelines and professional standards is not just a regulatory requirement but a fundamental duty to the individuals and communities served by medical professionals. 

Criminal Convictions 

Criminal convictions represent another grave threat to a medical license in Indiana, underscoring the critical nexus between lawful conduct and the privilege of practicing medicine. When a healthcare professional is convicted of a crime, particularly those involving moral turpitude or directly related to the medical profession, it casts a long shadow over their suitability to provide care. Such convictions question a practitioner’s judgment, integrity, and respect for the societal norms that the medical community is expected to uphold.  

The Medical Licensing Board in Indiana is tasked with ensuring the safety and well-being of patients, and therefore, view criminal behavior as incompatible with the standards of medical practice. As a result, a criminal conviction, like a DUI in Indiana, has the potential to result in disciplinary actions against license holder. The potential actions vary, depending on the severity and circumstances of the conviction. That said, it’s not uncommon for some physicians to have restrictions placed on their ability practice, or in the worst-case scenario, have their license revoked completely.  

Substance Abuse  

Substance abuse poses yet another profound threat to a medical license, reflecting the critical importance of physical and mental fitness in the practice of medicine. When healthcare professionals struggle with substance abuse, their ability to make sound judgments, maintain patient safety, and provide high-quality care is significantly compromised. Such situations not only endanger patients but also violate the trust and ethical standards foundational to medical practice.  

The Medical Licensing Board rigorously enforces its policies against substance abuse, recognizing that the stakes are too high in a profession where lives are on the line. Disciplinary actions for substance abuse can range from mandatory treatment programs and monitoring to suspension or even revocation of medical licensure.  

In today’s world substance abuse is a rampant and devasting problem that has the potential to can devastate both the lives and careers of even the most esteemed medical professionals. Given this, it’s vital that any physician struggling with addiction or substance abuse seek the help they need as soon as possible. The ISNAP (for doctors)… 

Fraudulent and Unethical Business Practices 

Fraudulent and unethical business practices among healthcare professionals not only endanger their medical licenses but also strike at the heart of medical ethics and patient trust. Activities such as billing for unprovided services, insurance fraud, kickbacks for referrals, or any deceptive practices that prioritize financial gain over patient care, are egregious violations of the fundamental principles of honesty and integrity that the medical profession stands for.  

The Office of the Attorney General and the Medical Licensing Board take a stern view of such malpractices, given their potential to undermine public confidence in the healthcare system and to inflate healthcare costs unjustly. The consequences for engaging in fraudulent activities can be severe, including hefty fines, restitution orders, suspension, and even the revocation of medical licensure.  

It’s vital to understand that engaging in unethical business practices can irreparably harm a practitioner’s reputation, making it difficult, if not impossible, to continue in the profession. Thus, maintaining ethical integrity in all business dealings is not merely a legal obligation but a moral imperative, essential for preserving the noble ethos of medical practice and the trust that patients place in their healthcare providers. 

Incompetent Practice 

Incompetent practice represents a severe threat to a medical license, highlighting the imperative of competence, diligence, and continual learning in the medical profession. Incompetence, characterized by a lack of necessary knowledge, skills, or judgment, directly jeopardizes patient safety and the quality of care provided. Such deficiencies can arise from failing to stay updated with medical advancements, neglecting to consult with colleagues when faced with uncertain diagnoses, or simply not exercising the standard of care required.  

The Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s office rigorously assesses complaints and evidence of incompetence, as the stakes of medical practice are exceedingly high. Disciplinary actions for incompetent practice can range from mandated further education or supervision to suspension and, in severe cases, revocation of licensure.  

Beyond the professional ramifications, incompetent practice erodes the trust patients place in the healthcare system and can have devastating consequences for those under the care of an unskilled practitioner. Therefore, commitment to excellence, ongoing education, and self-awareness of one’s limitations are not just professional requirements but ethical obligations to ensure the highest standards of patient care are met, safeguarding both the practitioner’s license and the well-being of the community they serve. 

Need to Speak with a Medical License Defense Attorney?  

When facing a potential threat to your medical license in Indiana, the best action you can take is to contact an experienced medical license defense attorney. This will ensure that you’re doing everything you can to protect your ability to practice and to continue making a living as a licensed physician.  

Keffer Hirschauer LLP is a leading Indianapolis litigation firm, comprised of experienced attorneys who are dedicated to fighting for the rights of their clients through a strategic, team-based approach. Our professional license defense lawyers routinely represent Indiana medical professionals and have a strong understanding of the Medical Licensing Boards’s disciplinary process. We stand by our clients from beginning to end and work tirelessly to secure the optimal outcome in the matter at hand. So, whether you’d like to move forward quickly, appeal a decision, or vigorously litigate the matter, our Indianapolis medical license defense lawyers are here to counsel you. 

To begin addressing the threat to your medical license in Indiana today, call 317-751-7186 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. 


Top Threats to a Medical License in Indiana
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Top Threats to a Medical License in Indiana
This article provides an overview of the top threats to a medical license in Indiana and how a professional license defense attorney can assist with protecting such license.
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