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Potential Threats to a Professional License in Indiana

When someone holds a professional license in Indiana, it’s safe to assume that they have invested a lot of time, money, and hard work into obtaining their licensure. On top of that, their licensure is often the foundation of their livelihood; allowing them to work in their field of choice and provide for themselves and/or their family. However, over the course of one’s career, there are a handful of issues that could arise and potentially threaten one’s ability to practice as a licensed professional.

When faced with a potential threat to your professional license in Indiana, the best thing you can do is contact an experienced professional license defense attorney. This will ensure that you’re doing everything in your power to protect your reputation, career, and livelihood.

The Indiana professional license defense attorneys at Keffer Hirschauer LLP have extensive experience representing and defending Hoosiers in matters that threaten their professional license. We understand how to navigate the administrative processes associated with the professional licensing agency and can craft an optimal strategy aimed at protecting you, your reputation, and your livelihood.

To clear your name and safeguard your future, contact our firm today at 317-857-0160 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. We fully understand all that’s at stake and are ready to be both your advocate and defender.

Indiana Professional License Defense Attorneys

Professional Licensing in Indiana

Indiana law regulates certain professions, providing a framework for gauging ethical and practical impropriety. To enforce this framework, the State has empowered the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) to handle matters of license tracking and oversight, including licensure, renewal, complaints. The PLA also maintains a public database which allows consumers to verify the existence and/or status of an individual’s or business’ professional license.

Examples of Professions Regulated by the PLA in Indiana

In addition to the PLA, individual professions also have their own governing boards, commissions, or committees, all of which work in coordination with the PLA and the Indiana AG’s office. For example, the Indiana State Board of Nursing oversees all nursing licenses in the state of Indiana, including matters like nursing license renewal and violations of the Indiana Standards of Practice for Nursing.

Common Threats to a Professional License in Indiana

Over the course of one’s career, there are a variety of threats that may threaten their professional license in Indiana. The most common threats are either workplace or consumer complaints. Another common threat to a professional license is a complaint filed by the board, commission, or committee that oversees the licensure of your particular profession. In addition to complaints, professional license issues may also arise during the process of license renewal. These issues are often related to substance abuse, criminal matters, and/or general failure to uphold the standards of practice set forth for your particular license.

Complaints Against a Professional License in Indiana

While the nature of complaints against a professional license in Indiana vary, depending on the profession, there are some commonalities across all professions. Workplace complaints are often submitted when co-workers, management, or other professionals in your field have doubts about your professional qualifications or concerns about your adherence to the Standards of Practice governing your profession, such as struggles with substance abuse. Consumer complaints, on the other hand, may arise when a client or patient is grossly dissatisfied with your performance as a licensed professional or believes that the treatment/service you provided violated identifiable professional ethical standards. Finally, it’s important to understand that complaints against a professional license in Indiana may be filed with the Attorney General’s office regarding certain civil matters as well. This could include failure to pay child support in Indiana or failure to pay property taxes.

Criminal Matters and Professional Licensure

Some of the most serious threats to a professional license in Indiana arise when a licensed professional is charged with or convicted of a crime in Indiana. Generally, criminal arrests and convictions are clear violations of the Standards of Practice governing most professions in Indiana, and often come to the attention of specific Boards or the PLA through self-reporting or during the course of license renewal.

For example, when nurses go through the Indiana Nursing License Renewal process, they must answer a handful of questions regarding their license, work performance, and disclose whether they’ve been arrested, entered into a diversion agreement, or convicted of any criminal offense in any state since their last renewal. If the nurse answers yes to any of the questions, they’ll then have to provide the Board with an adequate explanation for the positive answer. If the Board is not satisfied with the explanation, they may elect to call the nurse before the Board for a personal appearance to determine whether further action is required.

Regardless of the specific profession, if you’re in a situation where you need to disclose a criminal arrest or conviction to Board or PLA – whether it’s DUI in Indiana, public intoxication, or a simple violation of Indiana’s marijuana laws – you’ll want to first speak with an experienced Indiana professional license defense attorney. This will better ensure that an adequate explanation for your affirmative answer is provided to the governing body and that you are well-prepared for a potential personal appearance before the Board.

Potential Actions Against a License Holder

When a professional governing body determines that an individual or business has violated professional, practical, or ethical standards, they are able to impose a variety of disciplinary actions against the licensee. For less serious violations, the governing body may elect to simply censure, reprimand, and/or fine the licensed professional.

For more serious violations, however, the professional’s license may be suspended or placed on probation. When this occurs, the licensee may be required to comply with certain additional requirements to continue practicing their profession. This could include participation in substance abuse treatment/monitoring, counseling, continuing education, or professional monitoring programs. Furthermore, when a professional’s license is placed on probation, they may face restrictions on how many hours or shifts they may work and/or what types of work they may engage in. Finally, the most serious violations could result in the revocation of professional license in Indiana. While this type of disciplinary action is rare, it does occur on an annual basis and is typically the product of serious criminal charges.

Given the weight of these disciplinary actions, it’s vital that anyone facing a threat to their professional license in Indiana choose to work with an experienced professional license defense lawyer. They will be able to review and investigate the allegations made against your license, and draft and file an appropriate, sound response to the complaint. They’ll also be able to appear before the Board or governing body regulating your license, and fight to protect your ability to continue practicing your chosen career.  

Need to Speak to an Attorney about Your Professional License in Indiana?

Your professional license in Indiana is the foundation of your livelihood and is worth being protected, at all costs. If your ability to maintain your business and provide for your family is being threatened by allegations or a complaint made against your license, the defense attorneys at Keffer Hirschauer LLP are here to protect your best interests.

If you choose to retain our services, your professional license defense attorney will be by your side all throughout the process, acting both as your defender and advocate. Furthermore, they will keep you informed and involved all along the way, from initial response to personal appearance, and even appeal, if necessary.

If you need to speak with a professional license defense attorney in Indiana today, call 317-857-0160 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. There is no reason to face these threats to your future alone. Keffer Hirschauer LLP is here to help you.

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Potential Threats to a Professional License in Indiana
This article discusses the potential threats to a professional license in Indiana, and details how an Indiana professional license defense attorney can assist with such matters.
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