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Our First Amendment rights to free speech, association, and assembly are a cornerstone of our United States citizenship. Still, there are continued infringements on these rights, especially when they are expressions against institutions of authority. The internet and every citizen's new ability to reach wide audiences has also complicated and endangered these rights and even resulted in serious legal ramifications.

If you believe that your First Amendment rights have been violated, then our legal team at Keffer Hirschauer LLP is ready to hear from you. Our knowledgeable and experienced Indianapolis civil rights attorneys believe that these First Amendment rights are truly inalienable and guaranteed to every citizen. If you have been penalized in any way due to the thoughts, ideas, or content you have expressed, our firm can seek swift and decisive restitution on your behalf.

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What constitutes "free speech?"

The Founding Fathers of our country believed that Americans should have the freedom to express dissent with our own government. That is why our First Amendment protects our ability to express opinions that are, or may be, in opposition to our own government's actions.

As time went on, however, the reach of our First Amendment rights grew. Within the industry, education, the arts and sciences, and an array of other circumstances, our speech is protected against undue retaliation or penalty.

The following examples can constitute an expression of free speech:

  • Actual speech from individuals
  • Published writings from individuals
  • Demonstrations and protests
  • Works of art and fiction
  • Social media activity

Exceptions to First Amendment Protections

Of course, there can be exceptions to free speech protections; including, time, place, and manner restrictions. For example, if you are part of a police investigation and share confidential details of that investigation online, you may be violating obstruction of justice laws. The same might be said of sharing any information that is protected by a non-disclosure agreement or national security measures of any kind.

However, these and other exceptions are uncommon and don't usually apply to the average citizen's circumstances. Those who have their free speech rights violated can find themselves arrested, fined, fired, sued, suspended, or otherwise facing civil or criminal penalties and restrictions that they do not deserve. Our team at Keffer Hirschauer LLP, we're prepared to take on the offending institutions that impose these actions and ensure that the rights of our clients are properly recognized.

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