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Many of our civil rights are guaranteed to citizens even if they are behind bars. Still, our prison institutions continue to perpetuate practices that violate these rights and erode the guarantees that these prisoners are owed under the law. Even in cases where we can all agree that a prisoner needs to pay their debt to society, they should not also be subjected to punitive treatment and conditions that were not part of their court-determined sentence.

If you or a loved one is having their civil rights violated while in prison due to deliberate indifference to maltreatment or facility conditions, then our Indianapolis civil rights attorneys at Keffer Hirschauer LLP invite you to contact our firm.

We are well-versed in the civil guarantees prisoners are owed while serving their sentences and, when those guarantees are not met, how to hold the responsible institutions accountable for these injustices. We pride ourselves on aggressive action in these cases and on ensuring that grievances of these prisoners and their loved ones are made known.

Justice does not have to remain out of reach. Use our online form to request a free case evaluation with our team today.

What conditions are prisoners owed?

For many, the idea of guaranteeing rights and resources to individuals who have broken the law is not a priority. However, the truth of the matter is that we are a humane nation with laws that guarantee basic rights and conditions to citizens—even if they have been incarcerated for a crime.

Prisoners should be protected against:

  • Insufficient medical and mental health care
  • Insufficient means to practice their faith
  • Insufficient access to courts and counsel
  • Cruel and unusual punishment (solitary confinement, etc.)
  • Mistreatment due to discrimination (race, sex, gender identity, etc.)
  • Physical, mental, or sexual abuse

Unfortunately, due to overcrowding in the American prison system, many of these conditions have become common for our nation's prisoners. However, just because they are common does not make them acceptable. These institutions need to be held accountable for their failings to provide basic rights and safe conditions. Keffer Hirschauer LLP is ready to take thorough and decisive action to make that happen on you and your family’s behalf.

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