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    Allegation, arrest, prosecution, conviction, appeal: at every stage of the criminal justice process, the stakes increase for the accused. At every stage, the weight of the consequences and the impact on your life looms larger. The best possible outcomes in criminal cases are secured when defendants hire an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney in Indiana.

    At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, our founders, Bradley Keffer and Tom Hirschauer III, are former prosecutors who know both sides of the criminal justice system, understand the local courts in Indianapolis, Indiana and across the state, and have deep experience in negotiation as well as inside the courtroom. Our established, respected law firm and teamwork-based approach to criminal defense cases mean that your Indiana defense attorney from Keffer Hirschauer LLP will have the resources to thoroughly investigate your case, consult with experts who might also serve as witnesses, and see your case through to the best possible outcome.

    When you need a criminal defense attorney in Indiana, you need someone invested in the work of securing the best results for you—whether that is dismissal, reduction of charges, or a not-guilty verdict. From the initial consultation through investigation, negotiation, arguments to the court, and appeals, an Indiana defense attorney from Keffer Hirschauer LLP will provide the high-quality, dedicated criminal defense you need to minimize Indiana criminal penalties and protect your rights and future.   

    Table of Contents
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      Fighting Indiana Criminal Charges

      Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Indiana​

      Indiana criminal charges are classified as misdemeanor or felony offenses, with several levels of each type of offense and the allowable Indiana criminal penalties set forth by the Indiana criminal code. An Indiana misdemeanor can carry a sentence of zero days to one year in jail and a fine of up to $5,000. Felony offenses carry a much wider range of penalties, from six months to life in prison, or even the death penalty, and fines of up to $10,000.

      While some crimes have mandatory minimum sentences, an experienced Indiana defense attorney will know how to proceed with your case in a way that offers the best opportunities to reduce or obtain a dismissal of the Indiana criminal charges against you. You will find that criminal defense attorney in Indiana at Keffer Hirschauer LLP.

      Indiana misdemeanor and felony charges arise from various allegations of wrongdoing. The Indiana criminal code addresses offenses against peoplepropertypublic administration, and public health, order, and decency, among other crimes. Whatever Indiana criminal charges or allegations you are facing, a criminal defense attorney from Keffer Hirschauer LLP stands ready to help. 

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      A battery offense, including domestic battery, is a violent offense that includes unwanted physical contact between the offender and the victim. The Indiana Code defines battery as intentional touching of a person or placing of bodily fluid or waste on a person in a “rude, insolent, or angry manner.”

      Depending on the circumstances of the case, battery can result in Indiana misdemeanor or felony charges. Determining the nature and severity of a battery incident can be complicated. If you are charged with battery, you need a criminal defense lawyer in Indiana who knows how to discover and evaluate the relevant evidence. The former prosecutors who lead the legal team at Keffer Hirschauer LLP know how prosecutors approach battery cases and use that knowledge to protect the rights and best interests of our clients.

      Criminal appeals serve as a remedy for errors that occurred in the course of a trial. Proceedings in appeals are quite different from those in trial courts, and it is important to have legal representation by a lawyer who has deep knowledge of the appeals process and its requirements. In appeals, deadlines move quickly, while the beginning-to-end process can be painstakingly slow.

      Your criminal appeals lawyer needs to be able to meet stringent deadlines, collect and organize records from your trial, review those records and identify errors made, convey the errors clearly to the appellate court, and persuade the court that the mistakes wrongfully impacted your conviction or sentencing. At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, our time as prosecuting attorneys and defense attorneys gives us a unique perspective into the dynamics of appeals. Your appeal attorney does not have to be the same lawyer who represented you in your original trial. Contact Keffer Hirschauer LLP to get the experience of a criminal defense attorney in Indiana who knows the standards and procedures of the Court of Appeals of Indiana and can help right the wrongs committed in your original case.

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      Allegations of and convictions for drug offenses in Indiana come with a social stigma and potentially serious punishments. Whether you have been formally accused or just believe you may be under suspicion of drug crimes, you should seek the counsel of a respected criminal defense attorney in Indiana as soon as possible.

      The laws related to Indiana criminal charges for drug crimes are complex, and small details matter in the realm of criminal law. These crimes can result in felony or misdemeanor charges under the Indiana criminal code. An Indiana defense attorney from Keffer Hirschauer LLP will evaluate any evidence against you and the methods by which that evidence was or is being gathered. Then we will mount a strategic defense based on the facts of your case.

      Driving under the influence (DUI), operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVWI), operating while intoxicated (OWI): whatever you call it, drunk driving offenses in Indiana can have serious consequences and long-term impacts on your life. Your finances, freedoms, and reputation are on the line. Individuals accused of drunk driving need lawyers who are committed to their defense and knowledgeable about how the Indiana criminal code deals with OWI offenses.

      At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, the leaders of our criminal defense team are former Fatal Alcohol Crash Team (FACT) prosecutors. In fact, we are the only Indiana law firm with two former FACT prosecutors who now represent those accused of drunk driving offenses. We know the law on OWI in Indiana, and we will put our knowledge and experience to work for you.


      Many people with criminal records may not realize that they could be eligible for expungement of those records under the Indiana criminal code. Expungement of your criminal records removes those files from public view and prevents information from your past from being used against you—whether in a job application, housing, driving privileges, gun rights, or child custody and visitation. Once a record is expunged, you are under no obligation to divulge it to others.

      Once you have paid the price of any Indiana criminal penalties resulting from an arrest or conviction, you should not have to continue to pay for your crimes. Talk to a qualified expungement attorney from Keffer Hirschauer LLP to see if you are eligible for expungement in Indiana. We can gather records and court documents, research your criminal history, prepare a petition for expungement, argue your case, and more. In Indiana, you can only have records expunged once. Be sure you hire an Indiana defense attorney who knows how to file properly and cover all crimes that can potentially be expunged from your record.

      If you have been charged with a crime for the first time, you are probably unsure where to turn for help or what to do next. This is a frightening situation for anyone who has to face criminal charges. However, the lack of previous Indiana criminal charges against you is a fact in your favor. When you are charged with a first-time criminal offense, you need a dedicated criminal defense attorney in Indiana who will work to emphasize the elements of your case and character that support leniency if not acquittal.

      Diversion of Indiana criminal charges is also a possibility in some cases. This arrangement must be approved by the prosecutor but offers some defendants an opportunity to avoid significant jail time or other penalties. A skilled Indiana defense attorney from Keffer Hirschauer LLP can consult with you about your case and help you identify and pursue your best options to reduce or avoid Indiana criminal penalties.

      Gun crimes and other firearm-related offenses have gained attention as the debate over gun control versus Second Amendment rights rages in America. One result has been more stringent law enforcement, enforcement, and punishment for gun crimes and related charges. An Indiana misdemeanor or felony charge can result from a gun crime, depending on the specifics of the case, and Indiana criminal charges related to firearms are governed by a complicated web of federal and state weapons laws.

      Whether you are accused of wrongdoing in the sale, licensing, or possession of firearms or criminal acts involving prohibited use of a gun in a case in Indianapolis, a Keffer Hirschauer LLP criminal defense attorney in Indiana will identify the best defense strategy for your case.We will work with you to minimize the Indiana criminal penalties for your charge or charges, to preserve your rights, and to limit the collateral impacts of a gun crime charge on your life.

      Commonly known as the Indiana three strikes law, habitual offender enhancements can add as much as 20 years to a felony sentence. This is a matter that needs serious attention from skilled litigators on behalf of the accused. Habitual offender status is not automatic when you are charged with or convicted of a third crime. The court must deem you a to be habitual offender. To avoid that, you need representation by an Indiana defense attorney who knows the law, the local courts, and the best strategies to avoid or minimize habitual offender and habitual vehicular substance offender (HVSO) enhancements. You will find that knowledge in a Keffer Hirschauer LLP criminal defense attorney in Indiana.

      There are three classes of Indiana misdemeanor offenses: Class A, B, and C. While misdemeanors are generally considered less serious crimes than felony offenses, these charges can still result in Indiana criminal penalties that significantly impact your life. Class A misdemeanors carry a maximum penalty of one year in jail and $5,000 in fines. Class B offenses can result in up to 180 days in jail and $1,000 in fines. And Class C offenses can get you up to 60 days in jail and $500 in fines. All three Indiana misdemeanor levels can result in a defendant being placed on probation.

      When you hire a Keffer Hirschauer LLP criminal defense attorney in Indiana, you get the benefits of the knowledge of former prosecutors who now fight to preserve the rights of criminal defendants. This unique perspective and experience allow us to better serve you and protect your rights under the Indiana criminal code and federal laws.

      Many people have heard the term pardon in association with presidential pardons. The President of the United States can pardon a federal offense. In Indiana, a pardon can be granted by the governor. A pardon forgives the crime and the remaining criminal sentence. Clemency is not the same as a pardon, although it can provide similar relief. Clemency reduces or otherwise alters a sentence, but it does not affect the underlying conviction in the way a pardon does.

      Pardons, clemency, and other forms of relief available after conviction, such as reprievesamnesty, and sentence modifications, require considerable knowledge of the legal process and committed efforts on the part of your defense attorney and team. While pardons and clemency are uncommon, you can trust that you stand the best chance possible when you work with a skilled Indiana defense attorney from Keffer Hirschauer LLP.

      Your criminal case does not necessarily end when you are convicted and sentenced, even if you choose not to file a direct appeal. Sometimes all the facts of a case are not known or available at the time of conviction and eligibility for direct appeal. When new information becomes available in a case after the fact, the defendant may be eligible for post-conviction relief. There is no deadline to request or file for post-conviction relief, but these cases are complex, they require the oversight of a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, and the longer you delay, the worse your outcome may be. You’ll find your criminal defense attorney in Indiana at Keffer Hirschauer LLP.

      Indiana’s probation standards involve aggressive methods for detecting and punishing probation violations. Whether you violated probation or are just accused of doing so, you need a criminal defense attorney in Indiana who can act quickly and decisively to protect your rights and freedom. At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, we help criminal defendants understand the terms of their probation in Indiana, which may include work requirements, community service, specific living arrangements, restitution, and limitations of your personal rights and freedoms. When you are placed on probation, you agree to these terms. A violation of the terms can result in return to jail, extended probation, additional criminal charges, increased frequency of drug testing, intensified monitoring, and more.

      The Indiana criminal code allows the modification of criminal sentences. However, this is a complicated area of the law, and the statutory language is complex. Sentence modifications are different from criminal appeals in that these requests do not have to meet stringent deadlines of the court. But sentence modifications do have their own legal requirements, including the grounds for eligibility, determination of who can and cannot apply, and more.

      Your best chance for a successful request for sentence modification is with a criminal defense attorney in Indiana who understands how the courts view and process these requests. The defense lawyers of Keffer Hirschauer LLP can evaluate your cases and help you determine if you might be eligible for this kind of relief.

      Indiana sex crimes are prosecuted aggressively and the defense of these crimes requires equally aggressive tactics. Individuals accused of sex crimes have a lot to lose. Even after fines are paid and prison sentences served, you may have to register with the Indiana Sex and Violent Offender Registry and carry a stigma with damaging impacts to your ability to work, participate in your own family, obtain housing, and more.

      Those accused of sex crimes are entitled to protections under the US Constitution and the Indiana Constitution, just like anyone else. These rights include protection from unreasonable search and seizure, the right not to incriminate oneself, rights to due process and a fair trial, and the right to an attorney. The last right is critical because without a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer there is no one to protect these other rights. An Indiana defense attorney from Keffer Hirschauer LLP knows how and when to invoke these rights for your maximum protection.

      The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) or an Indiana court can suspend your driver’s license for a single criminal offense or a series of smaller offenses. If this happens to you, it will likely result in major disruptions to your life and work. A criminal defense attorney in Indiana can work to prevent your driving privileges from being suspended or, if your license has been suspended, help you apply for Indiana specialized driving privileges. You’ll find the right Indiana defense attorney for your case at Keffer Hirschauer LLP.

      Theft crimes can result in Indiana misdemeanor or felony charges, depending upon the circumstances of the case. Conversion is a lesser theft crime that involves the unauthorized use of another person’s property. Theft, on the other hand, must involve the intent to deprive the owner of the value of the property taken. The line distinguishing between the two offenses can be a fine one, and a skilled criminal defense attorney in Indiana can best assist in gathering evidence and making an argument in your favor.

      For some clients in theft cases, participation in a diversion program is an option to reduce Indiana criminal penalties. From petty theft and shoplifting to grand theft and embezzlement, an Indiana defense attorney from Keffer Hirschauer LLP knows how to plan your defense to minimize criminal charges and penalties for theft crimes.

      When you are charged with a traffic offense, paying the ticket and carrying on might seem like the easiest option, but that isn’t always the best choice. Traffic tickets can result in significant fines, orders to attend traffic school, and higher insurance premiums. Points can be added to your driver’s license, and, when these points accumulate, you can face more serious consequences like suspension of your driver’s license by the Indiana BMV. Repeated offenses can result in an individual being deemed a habitual traffic offender and facing additional penalties.

      Whether you are charged with moving violations, like speeding or reckless driving, or non-moving violations, such as parking tickets or failure to appear in traffic court, the lawyers of Keffer Hirschauer LLP can help you fight these charges and avoid or minimize penalties.

      The State of Indiana aggressively pursues violent crimes, implementing serious Indiana criminal penalties through swift prosecution. If you face Indiana criminal charges for a violent offense—including battery, assault, kidnapping, murder, strangulation, and rape—it is urgent that you seek help from a reputable criminal defense attorney in Indiana as soon as possible.

      The founding attorneys of Keffer Hirschauer LLP are former prosecutors, who know the tactics used by the State to move these cases forward. Our lawyers will evaluate the case against you, challenge the prosecution’s evidence, and aggressively pursue your best outcome, whether that means negotiating with the prosecution or taking the case to court.

      White collar crimes include various types of fraudconspiracybriberyinsider tradingprice-fixingidentity thefttax evasionintellectual property theftembezzlementcorruptionextortionmoney laundering, and more. Generally, Indiana criminal charges for white collar crimes result from criminal misuse of professional access to money or information. These charges and the related Indiana criminal penalties can have serious impacts on your reputation, livelihood, family, and future.

      Defendants in these cases are likely to be unfamiliar with the Indiana criminal code and the criminal justice system. If you are suspected, accused, or charged with a white collar crime in Indiana, it is urgent that you seek the counsel and representation of an Indiana defense attorney. Keffer Hirschauer LLP can provide you with a criminal defense attorney in Indiana who is familiar with the elements of white collar crime cases and knowledgeable in appropriate and effective defenses.

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