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Keffer Hirschauer LLP attorneys are known for their shrewd litigation skills and discerning, individual approach to each client’s case.

The best possible outcomes in criminal cases are secured when defendants hire an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney.

We, at Keffer Hirschauer LLP,  know both sides of the criminal justice system, understand the local courts in Indianapolis and across the state, and have deep experience in negotiation as well as inside the courtroom.

Our dedicated team will provide the high-quality criminal defense you need to minimize Indiana criminal penalties and protect your rights and future. 

  • Extensive experience in criminal law cases, especially in litigation
  • Thorough understanding of the procedures and culture of the court where your case is pending
  • Resourcefulness in developing and executing defense strategies
  • Hands-on approach to your defense
  • A team of equally experienced and resourceful colleagues and staff
  • Compassionate representation balanced with aggressive litigation skills



“I will definitely be recommending this firm to my family and friends in need of legal representation.”

- C.T.

“I would recommend his office for any criminal matter that you may have”

- S.C.

“He is very reliable and reasonable I will recommend him to any who needs a good attorney!”

- F.E.T.

“As bad as it is to be put in jail for something you did not do, they certainly made the sting go away. Thanks again!”

- D.L.

“They are awesome and if you need legal services I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!”

- C.C.

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