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Receiving a Pardon in Indiana

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A pardon is a type of clemency that the Governor of Indiana can give an individual serving time in prison, or facing other criminal consequences, that essentially forgives the remainder of the sentence. Successful pardons can be rare, but are possible by taking thorough steps towards crafting a remarkable and genuine application.

In Indiana, the pardon application is specifically designed to be handled solely by the applicant, but can greatly benefit from proper and insightful legal counsel. At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, we understand that those applying for pardons have limited resources to make their application stand out.

Written statements from victims, loved ones, and even judges and prosecutors may be necessary to give your application the best possible chance at acceptance. Our legal team is prepared to help you gather all the necessary material to make this happen and ensure your parson application best serves your interests.

If you are interested in applying for a pardon, then do not hesitate. Contact an understanding and knowledgeable Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer at our firm today.

The Pardon Application Review Process

The governor must approve a pardon to terminate a criminal sentence, but the recommendation for this approval must come from the Indiana Parole Board, where all applications are submitted. The pardon review process is very rigorous, with many steps aimed at reviewing the applicant's history, potential for reintegration, and the likelihood that he or she can become a contributing member of society.

Indiana's pardon review process includes:

  • Completed application submission to the Indiana Parole Board
  • Numerous background checks on the applicant
  • A multi-faceted "community investigation" by the parole board
  • A pardon hearing, which includes an interview with applicant
  • The rendering of a denial, or a non-binding recommendation to the governor
  • Final review and decision by the governor

You need to have served at least five years of your sentence before you can apply for a pardon in Indiana. Your application must contain all relevant information as to why you should receive consideration. Keep in mind—pardons do not expunge a criminal history, they only affect your current serving of a criminal sentence.

The Insight You Need

Most pardon applications are denied by the Indiana Parole Board, which is all the more reason to take every precaution when preparing your application. At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, we have the legal knowledge and resources to help your application go the extra mile and make an emphatic case for your pardon consideration.

Discover the difference a dedicated legal representative can make in securing a positive difference for your future. Call us today at (317) 857-0160 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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