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Additional Indiana Legal Services

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Handgun Licenses

Despite the elimination of the requirement to maintain a handgun license, some Indiana state laws still affect your gun rights

Personal Injury

When you have been impacted by a personal injury, whether yours or an injury to a loved one, get justice by contacting us
Judge reviews Indiana post-conviction rules

Protective Orders

Whether you are interested in obtaining a protective order or defending yourself against one, our firm can help.

Driver’s License Suspension / Reinstatement

There are certain defenses that can be used to help drivers get their licenses reinstated, or even to avoid suspension in the first place.
Image of someone driving inside a vehicle, representing the need for an experienced Indiana reckless driving attorney to protect your rights if you’ve been charged with reckless driving.

Specialized Driving Privileges

If you need to drive to work or school or to care for your children or seek treatment, the court may grant you specialized driving privileges
Specialized Driving Privileges Attorney

Lifetime License Suspension

We can help you fight lifetime license suspension and any felony charges you face as an HTV.
Professional - license - Nurse

Professional Licensing

You need experienced Indiana professional license defense attorneys to clear you name and safeguard your future

bLAWg Topics

Two wooden blocks with letters spelling “ex,” representing Indiana divorce laws regarding property division between former spouses, the tax considerations involved, and how an Indianapolis divorce lawyer at Keffer Hirschauer LLP can help.

Indiana Divorce Laws: Property Division and Taxes

The division of property in an Indiana divorce can be a complex matter. Indiana divorce laws govern the manner in which property is allocated to ...
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Man arrested and charged with Animal Cruelty in Indiana

Laws on Animal Cruelty in Indiana 

Laws on Animal Cruelty in Indiana  Animal cruelty in Indiana is a grave offense, and under specific circumstances, can lead to felony charges. This stringent ...
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Image of a hangdog young man behind a fence, representing the seriousness of charges of statutory rape in Indiana and how the attorneys at Keffer Hirschauer LLP can help.

Laws on Statutory Rape in Indiana

Laws on Statutory Rape in Indiana Statutory rape is a charge that carries life-altering consequences if you are found guilty. Mere allegations of statutory rape ...
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