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We Handle More Than Just Criminal Defense Cases

In addition to providing criminal defense, our Indianapolis attorneys at Keffer Hirschauer LLP also provide legal representation for individuals who are dealing with other types of legal matters, including:

Family Law & Divorce
If you are interested in filing for divorce or you are in the middle of a hotly contested custody dispute, family law matters are typically highly sensitive and emotionally overwhelming. Other common issues include child support, alimony, property division, paternity, adoption, and much more.

Handgun Licenses & Handgun License Appeals
Are you trying to get a license that will allow you to own and carry a handgun in the state of Indiana? Were you unfairly denied for such a license? If you are running into trouble with securing your handgun license, our firm may be able to help you appeal your denial. There are deadlines for filing these types of appeals, so you should act immediately!

Select Personal Injury & Auto Accident Cases
There are certain types of personal injury and auto accident cases that our law firm handles. In personal injury cases, individuals who were injured in accidents caused by others’ negligence can seek financial recovery from the at-fault parties through claims and lawsuits. We have already been successful in protecting the rights of numerous injury victims.

Protective Orders
When individuals are the victims of violence, domestic violence, sexual violence, or even threats of such violence, they may seek a protective order (also known as a restraining order) to ensure the offender stays away and avoids any form of contact. Whether you are interested in obtaining a protective order or defending yourself against one, our firm can help.

Driver’s License Suspension/Reinstatement
When individuals are found guilty of certain types of traffic violations or have a certain number of traffic offenses on their records, they can be at risk of driver’s license suspensions. There are certain defenses that can be used to help drivers get their licenses reinstated, or even to avoid suspension in the first place.

Civil Rights
Whether you are arrested or enter custody, you have certain rights that the police and corrections staff must uphold. If you have been the victim of personal or financial injury, or lost a loved one because of the actions of law enforcement officials and corrections officers, you need a civil rights attorney to obtain the compensation and justice you deserve.

Lifetime License Suspension

In the United States, driving is a privilege – not a right. If you get your license suspended, then get caught driving on a suspended license, you could get in more trouble. If you get charged enough times, you could become a Habitual Traffic Violator (HTV) in the eyes of the law and lose your license for life. Our team at Keffer Hirschauer LLP can help you fight lifetime license suspension and any felony charges you face as an HTV.

Professional Licensing

Whether you work as an accountant, a chiropractor, a cosmetologist, or another type of professional, your professional license is a representation of your hard work and the key to your livelihood. If someone files a complaint against your professional license, you will need to deal with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) – and you will need someone to protect your interests and fight for your future career opportunities.

Specialized Driving Privileges

Just because your license gets suspended does not mean your need to get around goes away. If you need to drive to work or school or to care for your children or seek treatment, the court may grant you specialized driving privileges. In some cases, the court will determine where you can drive and which routes you must take. Still, specialized driving privileges can help you maintain your job, your housing, your family, and your health. Our legal team can help you apply.

Choose the Representation You Deserve

At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, we serve individuals in various counties throughout the state of Indiana. When you bring your case to our law firm, you can trust that we will not simply rush to a resolution, but rather we will take the time that is needed to properly handle your legal matter.

Our attorneys are amongst the best and have received numerous accolades for our skill and dedication to clients, and we can provide you with the same exceptional representation. Contact our firm so that we can provide you with a free initial consultation!