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Attorney Adriana Zeljkovic


When you think only a true champion and advocate can help with your legal problems, you’ll find her in attorney Adriana Zeljkovic. Dedicated to defending your rights in family law, professional license defense, and criminal defense matters, Adriana’s drive comes from her desire to help real people and families who are experiencing a time of transition or crisis. With litigation experience on both sides of criminal cases and a passion for community outreach, Adriana’s clients benefit from her experienced, relatable, and compassionate guidance as an Indianapolis divorce lawyer, professional license defense attorney, and criminal defense litigator.

Adriana Zeljkovic Is an Indianapolis Divorce Lawyer and Then Some

Attorney Adriana Zeljkovic began her studies at Indiana University in Bloomington. Proficient in reading, writing, and speaking Serbian/Croatian, her majors in international studies and political science were a natural fit. For law school, she turned to IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law on the west side of downtown Indianapolis, where she was a CLE Scholarship recipient and McKinney Law School Student Ambassador.

Not one to rest on classroom learning alone, Adriana sought out multiple internships and clerkships while in law school, working in the Office of the Indiana Attorney General, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office (MCPO), and at Keffer Hirschauer LLP. During her MCPO tenure, she became a certified student legal intern, allowing her to participate in witness interviews, depositions, and court proceedings before formal admission to the bar.

Adriana’s time at the MCPO also taught her about the importance of community outreach and involvement. She has volunteered at Gleaner’s Food Bank, worked in outreach at Indiana Black Expo, and volunteered at community clean-up events. More recently, she has become actively involved with Exodus Refugee Immigration in Indianapolis, supporting refugee resettlement efforts in Indiana.

Adriana’s breadth of experience prepared her well for her career as an Indianapolis divorce lawyer, and criminal and professional license defense attorney.

An Indianapolis Divorce Lawyer Who Looks at the Big Picture—And Sees You

With a holistic approach to solving her clients’ problems, Adriana works to find a resolution that allows the parties to move forward in the best way possible. While zealously representing her family law clients, she works with opposing counsel toward equitable solutions that put the client first and also address the needs of the family. Her creative problem-solving helps the parties involved in legal cases feel they have input and autonomy, allowing for a smoother transition after a divorce.

When a divorce includes elements of domestic violence, Adriana’s experience as Hancock County Crimes Against Women prosecutor is especially beneficial. She brings to the case deep knowledge of what is required to prove domestic violence in court and how that burden of proof impacts the choice of legal strategy to use depending on the facts of the case. As an Indianapolis divorce lawyer, attorney Adriana Zeljkovic is the complete package.

Indiana Professional License Defense to Keep You Working

Adriana is equally creative and determined in helping her professional license defense clients. With a thorough understanding of Indiana professional license requirements for various professions and the complaint process that can affect your right to work, she stands out in the crowd as an informed and highly capable professional license defense lawyer. Every professional license governing body establishes its own licensure or certification requirements, but most are under the umbrella of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, which supervises the licensure and complaint process of many of the state’s professionals. Given the variations in each profession, Adriana is mindful of how each client faces unique challenges and requires a fresh outlook and personalized handling for optimum results in professional license defense matters.

Trust Your Future to a Dedicated Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer

In further commitment to helping others, Adriana also applies her litigation skills to help those facing criminal investigations and proceedings. Understanding how much is at stake for her clients, she helps each criminal defense client understand and navigate the criminal court system, protecting each client’s rights and interests in Indianapolis and across the state. Her breadth of experience shows the depth of the same, making her a sought-after Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer in misdemeanor and felony cases throughout Indiana.

Adriana’s prior work as a deputy prosecutor have prepared her to anticipate and defend against prosecutorial tactics and strategies. In particular, her experience as the former Crimes Against Women prosecutor in Hancock County benefits her criminal law clients, too, giving her insight into how prosecutors approach such cases in particular, arming her to develop and implement effective strategies critical to her clients’ defense. She is in demand for cases involving offenses against women such as sex crimes, but clients also seek out her counsel for cases involving battery, drug crimes, DUI, habitual offender allegations, suspended driver’s license, theft, and more.

Criminal charges can also give rise to additional related court proceedings; as an Indiana criminal defense lawyer, Adriana represents clients in these matters, including habitual offender, probation violation, and civil forfeiture proceedings. Whether you’re a first time offender or facing multiple charges, Adriana is the choice when you want an experienced criminal attorney in Indianapolis or around the state.

Attorney Adriana Zeljkovic: An Indianapolis Divorce Lawyer and Defense Attorney

Attorney Adriana Zeljkovic is dedicated to giving her best to her clients. She treats each case with the importance and individual attention it deserves and represents all clients with honesty and open communication.

When work is done, Adriana enjoys spending time with her family exploring Indianapolis, traveling, and supporting the local food scene. When on the job, attorney Adriana Zeljkovic is the answer when you need honest, committed counsel for family law problems, professional license defense, or criminal charges, habitual offender, or probation problems.

To learn more about Adriana’s skill as an Indianapolis divorce lawyer, professional license defense attorney, or criminal defense counselor and to experience the effectiveness of her advocacy first-hand, schedule a consultation with her at Keffer Hirschauer LLP; call (317) 857-0160 or complete this online contact form.


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