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Bradley Keffer

Founding and Managing Partner

Bradley Keffer - Attorney - Managing Partner - Keffer Hirschauer LLP

The ideal Indiana criminal defense lawyer should have significant experience practicing criminal law, be at their career peak, keep you informed and involved by explaining proceedings and strategies clearly and simply, and have access to a wealth of legal resources and similarly experienced attorneys for support. In Indiana, that attorney is Bradley Keffer, a leading Indianapolis criminal defense attorney and litigator who fights for his clients’ rights and guides them through an often complex legal system.

With depth of experience drawn from more than a decade in criminal defense and significant training from and insight into how prosecutors operate, Mr. Keffer’s knowledge, skill, and drive to be a leading litigator place him in high demand in criminal defense and appeals, OWI/DUI defense, and Title IX matters. He is also a prominent Indianapolis gun rights attorney, providing counsel and representation to clients at risk of losing or trying to retain their Indiana gun rights.

Bradley Keffer: A Robust Start to a Strong Legal Career as an Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer

Bradley Keffer realized he wanted to be an attorney in high school. Knowing that dreams take hard work and determination, he started his legal education as an undergraduate in the Richard T. Farmer School of Business at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He sought out and crushed the opposition in mock trial competitions, where his abilities were recognized by receipt of the Miami University Mock Trial Award and as the only three-time recipient of the All-American Mock Trial Award from the American Mock Trial Association.

After receiving his bachelor of science degree with honors, Mr. Keffer continued his success story at the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis. As a law student, he continued to hone his skills by representing the school on McKinney’s National Moot Court Team and trial advocacy team in the National Trial Competition. Somehow, he also found time to do significant volunteer legal work, earning him The Norman Lefstein Award of Excellence, a legal service award. He also sought out practical experience through significant student externships in several government offices and courts:

Ultimately, Mr. Keffer’s drive earned him a juris doctorate from the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law, from which he graduated cum laude.

The Path to Success as an Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer

Knowing that work as a deputy prosecutor would be integral to becoming an effective Indiana criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Keffer joined the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office as a deputy prosecuting attorney after law school before relocating to work as a deputy prosecutor in the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s Office. Over four years, his initiative and skill were recognized as he continued to achieve, taking on several significant roles:

  • Leader of the Fatal Alcohol Crash Team (FACT)
  • Lead prosecutor in Tippecanoe County’s Title 9 (BMV) Court
  • Counsel for major felony prosecutions for offenses ranging from forgery to homicide to narcotics manufacturing and dealing

Mr. Keffer then returned to the MCPO, where he continued to climb and gain trial experience as a deputy prosecutor. He led the MCPO’s Fatal Alcohol Crash Team (FACT) and was responsible for investigating and prosecuting DUI and OVWI/OWI cases involving death or serious bodily injury. His exposure in this area is particularly helpful in his current work as an Indiana DUI defense attorney, because he knows how these cases are pursued from the prosecution’s side. Although Mr. Keffer prosecuted a broad range of misdemeanors and felonies, his work focused on fatality and serious bodily injury hit and run cases as well as white collar crimes.

Having acquired significant trial experience and impressive litigation skills, Mr. Keffer moved to private practice. Working from downtown Indianapolis, he now uses his years of skill and professional development to benefit clients around the state. Maintaining a practice solely focused on litigation, he has tried dozens of jury trials and more than 100 bench trials around the state, appearing in courts in nearly every county in Indiana.

Mr. Keffer is especially drawn to—and sought out for—high stakes cases involving complicated analyses, and he has repeatedly demonstrated success in cases with multiple moving parts that require the sharpest of legal approaches. As an Indiana criminal defense lawyer at Keffer Hirschauer LLP, he regularly handles trial and appellate level cases involving:

Mr. Keffer’s years as leader of Fatal Alcohol Crash Teams make him especially capable as an Indiana DUI defense attorney, but he is in demand in all areas, from first time offender cases to complex habitual offender cases. He also defends against misdemeanor and felony charges and helps clients clear their records and get their lives back on track through expungementssentence modification, and pardons and clemency petitions.

An expungement allows someone with a criminal record to clean the slate, so to speak, and make a fresh start without the baggage or public record from his or her criminal past. However, an expungement requires court approval and involves a law-defined process with strict requirements. Mr. Keffer’s intricate knowledge of criminal law and courtroom procedure make expungement law, as well as petitions for sentence modifications, pardons, and clemency, a natural part of his practice.

An Indiana Title IX Attorney Serving Clients in Changing Times

The skills Mr. Keffer has cultivated over the years as an Indiana criminal defense lawyer also translate into effective counsel and representation when he serves as your Indiana Title IX attorney or conducts Title IX investigations and defense. As an ATIXA-certified Title IX investigator, administrator, and coordinator who keeps up with changes in Title IX law, he is highly qualified to investigate, advise, and defend clients in Title IX cases, and his experience handling Title IX investigations for more than a dozen universities as well as many K-12 programs further demonstrates his qualifications.

Bradley Keffer: Your Indiana Gun License Attorney

Being denied an Indiana handgun license is a complex and challenging situation, and often requires the assistance of an assertive and knowledgeable attorney. To avoid denials due to preventable errors or to appeal a wrongfully denied handgun license, you’ll want to hire Mr. Keffer to help navigate certain bureaucratic obstacles and, more importantly, protect your second amendment rights.  

As a seasoned Indiana handgun license lawyer, Mr. Keffer can provide you with comprehensive assistance to ensure that your application process is smooth, and your appeals are effective. His services include: 

  • Document preparation: Mr. Keffer will identify and gather all necessary documentation to support your handgun license application, ensuring completeness and accuracy. 
  • Overcoming obstacles: He will take proactive steps to eliminate any barriers to your eligibility for a handgun license in Indiana, addressing issues before they become problematic. 
  • Accurate application: Mr. Keffer will meticulously complete your application, reducing the risk of denials due to technical errors or omissions. 
  • Denial analysis: If your application is denied, he will thoroughly investigate the reasons behind the denial and develop a strategic response. 
  • Appeal representation: For denied applications, Mr. Keffer will prepare and present the strongest possible arguments, gather critical documentation, and represent you at appeal hearings to challenge unjust decisions. 

On top of that, Mr. Keffer also provides guidance on the implications of new and emerging firearm laws, such as the recent elimination of the Indiana handgun license requirement, and how they may impact your rights. His extensive knowledge of state and federal firearms laws, combined with his broader criminal defense experience, makes him a powerful advocate for your firearm licensing needs. 

When You Need an Indianapolis Gun Rights Attorney, Call Bradley Keffer

Another natural adjunct to Mr. Keffer’s criminal law practice is handling various matters related to the retention or restoration of firearm rights. Suspension or revocation of gun rights can be consequences of criminal proceedings. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution promises the right to bear arms to every citizen. However, courts have also found just cause to deny a person this right in certain cases. If you have been stripped of firearm rights as the result of criminal proceedings, or if you are at risk of losing your gun rights in Indiana, you need an Indianapolis gun rights attorney with the skill and experience Mr. Keffer brings to your defense. 

Leading Indianapolis Professional License Defense Lawyer

Your professional license in Indiana represents years of dedication and expertise. It is the cornerstone of your career and a testament to your hard work. When a complaint poses a threat to your professional license, you need an assertive and experienced Indianapolis professional lice defense attorney like Mr. Keffer to protect your livelihood. His approach is proactive and comprehensive, ensuring no stone is left unturned in safeguarding your career.  

When you enlist the services of Mr. Keffer, he will guide you through each step of the administrative process, providing you with experienced, effective legal counsel all along the way. He begins each case by thoroughly dissecting the matter at hand, identifying key issues and formulating a robust plan for moving forward.  

From there, Mr. Keffer will conduct an in-depth investigation, gathering all pertinent facts and evidence to fortify your defense. He will meticulously review all documents from the Attorney General’s office, the Professional Licensing Agency (PLA), and your profession’s governing body, uncovering any inconsistencies or weaknesses in the case against you. 

When appropriate, Mr. Keffer will then proceed to draft and file detailed responses to the allegations, addressing each point with clarity and force; and if required, represent during hearings and appeals, presenting a compelling argument and vigorously defending your reputation and livelihood.  

Ultimately, when you choose to hire Mr. Keffer as your Indiana professional license lawyer, you’re choosing to work with an experienced attorney who is a passionate defender and advocate that prioritizes clear communication and active client involvement. Mr. Keffer has successfully represented dozens of Hoosiers facing threats to their professional license and stands ready to exhaust every option to protect your career. 

Professional Commitments Enhance Bradley Keffer’s Practice and Skills while Giving Back

Mr. Keffer’s dedication to the practice of law extends to his choice of professional and community activities outside the office. His membership in the Indiana State Bar Association, the Indianapolis Bar Association, and many other local bar associations and professional legal organizations help him further hone his craft and offer leadership and guidance to his peers in his areas of proficiency. His efforts, both in practice and in the wider legal community, have earned him numerous recognitions, including his selection as a Distinguished Fellow by the Indianapolis Bar Foundation in 2019 for his efforts in creating positive change through education, philanthropy, and service.

Dedication by Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer Bradley Keffer Pays Off for Criminal Clients and More

In sum, Mr. Keffer is the complete package:

  • Experienced in his chosen practice areas
  • At the peak of his career
  • Able to communicate with clients simply and clearly to explain the law, legal proceedings, and legal strategy
  • Has the support of an esteemed group of similarly dedicated attorneys and staff members

Those who meet Mr. Keffer quickly come to realize he’s the real deal: an attorney whose sole object is to use his talent, skills, and experience to help his clients. Whether you need an Indiana criminal defense lawyer, help with a Title IX case, or counsel in any of his related practice areas, he has the experience and determination to see you through—in and around Indianapolis and across the state—via practical, no-nonsense representation. If you would like to learn more about Bradley Keffer and his legal team at Keffer Hirschauer LLP can help you, schedule a consultation by calling (317) 648-9560 or by completing this online contact form.

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  • Indianapolis Bar Foundation Distinguished Fellow, 2019
  • Indianapolis Bar Association Board of Directors Award, 2013
  • Indianapolis Bar Association Board of Directors Award, 2012

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