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Whether you’re looking for an Indiana family law attorney, criminal defense or protective order attorney, or an experienced Indiana Title IX attorney, you’ll want to find someone who is not only skilled and experienced but empathetic, available, and more than capable of protecting your interests. Having spent years honing his skills in trial, litigation, and negotiation, Drake Spears is that attorney. 

As a premier Indiana family law and criminal defense attorney, Drake employs a combination of tact, concise communication, and problem-solving, to successfully protect and advocate for his clients throughout the state of Indiana. He brings that same skillset to matters involving protective orders, as well as when safeguarding the rights and livelihood of students and academics in Title IX proceedings. No matter the situation that you’re in, you can feel confident in your representation when you have an attorney like Drake Spears by your side.  

Indianapolis Family Law Attorney with Local Roots  

Drake graduated from Butler University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Criminology, and a minor in Political Science. While at Butler, Drake was also a member of the Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society. Founded in 1920, Alpha Kappa Delta has dedicated its mission to encouraging and stimulating scholarship while promoting scientific study and the advancement of sociology. 

Upon graduating from Butler University, Drake attended Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney School of Law, where he graduated with a J.D. in 2017. Once admitted to the Indiana Bar, Drake opened his own law practice where he was able to represent clients in family, criminal, and personal injury law.gained courtroom experience as a contract attorney with the Marion County Public Defender Agency.  

As a Public Defender, Drake represented clients in civil commitment trials, which helped sharpen his legal defense skills. This experience also taught him the ins and outs of complying with federal, state, and local laws, and equipped him with the skills necessary to effectively communicate with hospital staff and medical doctors. 

Looking for a Committed and Empathetic Indiana Family Law Attorney? Call Drake Spears 

Over the years, Drake has developed a strong reputation in Indiana divorce, child custody, and family law, in general. He knows full well just how emotional and complex divorce matters can be, and therefore he provides his clients with a wide range of expertise. Whether you’re fighting for child custody or support or anticipate a contentious division of the marital estate, Drake is willing to work alongside you to develop and employ effective, proven legal strategies to protect both you and your loved ones.  

Drake’s approach to family law matters is to comfortably guide his clients through life-altering events by being clear, communicative, and empathetic. Not every case requires an aggressive approach, therefore Drake utilizes problem-solving and negotiation tactics to reach efficient and agreeable resolutions for his clients. However, when a line has been crossed and resolution is no longer on the table, he uses his past litigation and courtroom experience to strongly advocate and protect his client’s best interests.  

Drake works with clients in the following areas of Indiana family law: 

Criminal Defense Attorney in Indianapolis, Serving Clients Throughout the Hoosier State 

Leveraging his experience from running a criminal defense practice, Drake provides his criminal defense clients with superior service and strives to communicate with them on a consistent and clear basis so that they always know where they stand in the legal process. Drake truly has a servant mindset and finds great satisfaction in being able to help others. He finds unique and creative solutions to help clients minimize their sentences, and ultimately, avoid lasting negative impacts on their employment, relationships, and future.  

Clients rely on Drake to help them with charges such as: 

Assisting Hoosiers with Both Sides of an Indiana Protection Orders 

When emotions are involved in an altercation between two people, things can escalate quickly. Thankfully, Indiana law provides a measure of protection in cases like these in the form of civil protective orders, or what is more commonly known as a restraining order. Drake works with clients, all throughout the state of Indiana, on both sides of civil protection orders. He assists those who feel threatened by another person, or who has been a victim of physical violence, gain the protection they need to feel safe in their daily life. He also helps protect the rights of those who have been falsely accused and had a protection order sought against them. Regardless of which side of a protection order you are on, Drake can help you evaluate your options and file a protection order, or if required, assist in preventing, lifting, or removing an Indiana protective order.  

Protecting the Rights of All as an Indiana Title IX Lawyer 

In addition to his work as an Indiana family lawyer, Drake Spears stands ready to passionately counsel and represent those facing allegations in Indiana Title IX proceedings He understands just how much is at stake in Title IX proceedings and is not one to settle for the quickest and easiest outcome. Instead, Drake prioritizes his clients’ needs and well-being and takes the time needed to conduct thorough investigations and build a sound defense.  

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