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 A criminal conviction based on errors by the court or your prior counsel makes an already bad situation even worse. In such cases, you need an attorney with specific and significant experience identifying all of the errors committed in your case and skilled at arguing why you’re entitled to relief from your conviction or sentence. Indiana post-conviction lawyer Stephanie Rothenberg helps clients get a second—and fair—chance.

With more than two decades of post-conviction, criminal appeal, and general criminal defense and prosecution work under her belt and with insight from years working as a deputy prosecutor and deputy attorney general for the state, attorney Stephanie Rothenberg is sought out by clients across Indiana who want a fighting chance at a better future.

The Education that Shaped an In-Demand Indiana Post-Conviction Lawyer

While studying at Indiana University in Bloomington, Stephanie set her sights on becoming a lawyer who can make a difference. She excelled as a student, earning Founders Day honors for having a cumulative grade point average of  3.5 or higher in the years when her criminal justice major and political science minor courses were the toughest. After graduation, she moved north to the Valparaiso University School of Law, where she began the hard work of her formal legal education.

Upon becoming attorney Stephanie Rothenberg, she began her on-the-job legal education, learning through the years how prosecutors approach cases at both the local and state levels. Now, with hundreds of bench trials and more than 30 jury trials under her belt, Stephanie uses her years of experience to benefit her clients, serving as an Indiana post-conviction lawyer, sentence modification attorney, and general criminal defense counsel across Indiana.

An Indiana Post-Conviction Lawyer Who Really Cares

Post-conviction proceedings are civil cases that attack the legality of a criminal conviction or sentence. These cases have elements of both criminal and civil law and function under an independent set of governing rules, the Indiana Rules of Post-Conviction Remedies. While it might sound like an easy path for changing the outcome of your case, the grounds for relief are limited and quite strict. To have the greatest chance of success, you need an accomplished and experienced Indiana post-conviction lawyer with insight into how the state approaches and handles these cases.

Attorney Stephanie Rothenberg has the trial and general criminal law experience needed to succeed in post-conviction cases. She also has deep experience defending the Indiana Department of Correction in habeas corpus cases regarding prison disciplinary proceedings. Most importantly, Stephanie firmly believes that everyone deserves to be represented by a good, capable attorney. When that did not happen, or when the client suffered other legal errors in trial or sentencing proceedings, she presents persuasive arguments in favor of post-conviction relief.

Indianapolis Sentence Modification Lawyer

The conviction and imposition of sentence aren’t necessarily the end of the story, even if you don’t seek an appeal or post-conviction relief. In certain cases, you can seek to have your sentence modified. Grounds for modification include the discovery of new information that was unavailable at trial or evidence demonstrating that your sentence was based on legal errors. Stephanie Rothenberg has significant experience helping clients seek review of the sentence imposed and convincingly arguing for relief, which could include another go at sentencing or a reduction in sentence.

Stephanie is also passionate about ensuring the court’s commitment to Indiana’s Purposeful Incarceration program. This partnership between the Indiana Department of Correction, the Indiana court system, and the parole board allows for the modification of a sentence upon the offender’s completion of addiction treatment while incarcerated.

Underneath It All, the Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney You Need

All of Stephanie’s legal services are built upon years of practicing criminal law. Her extensive trial experience has honed her skills to give clients an edge at the trial and sentencing phases, too. She has previously handled cases involving allegations like these:

Stephanie’s wealth of trial and criminal defense experience also greatly benefits her criminal appeal clients. Although there’s no deadline for pursuing post-conviction relief, a defendant has a very small window to file an appeal and very particular technical requirements for that appeal to be considered. Her years prosecuting criminal cases as a deputy prosecutor and arguing constitutional issues as a deputy attorney general give Stephanie special insight into how to best create and implement strategies for a successful criminal appeal. And her experience, empathy, and enthusiasm for making sure her clients have quality representation make her relatable and worthy of her clients’ trust.

An Indiana Post-Conviction Lawyer and Sentence Modification and General Defense Attorney Who Cares

Attorney Stephanie Rothenberg is the ideal mix of years of criminal law experience and a passion for helping others. She has spent her entire career honing her skills and pursuing her passion to give everyone a chance at something better. In her rare downtime, you might find her enjoying true crime documentaries or podcasts, gardening, enjoying a concert, or reading. But, most of the time, she’s hard at work making sure her clients have quality representation.

To learn more about how Stephanie’s work as an Indiana post-conviction lawyer, sentence modification attorney, or defense counsel can help you, schedule a consultation with her at Keffer Hirschauer LLP by calling (317) 857-0160 or by completing this online contact form.


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  • Valparaiso University School of Law, Indianapolis, Indiana
    • J.D., 1998
    • Honors in Federal Tax Procedure
    • Honors in Legal Profession
  • Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
    • B.S., 1995
    • Founder’s Day Honors, 1994 and 1995

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