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Fort Wayne Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When a family makes a decision to move an elderly loved one into a Fort Wayne nursing home, they are doing so because they believe that the nursing home will certainly be the safest place for their loved one, able to provide a level of care that can’t be met at home. While this hope does often come to fruition, there are unfortunately high levels of nursing home neglect and abuse. If you believe that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, our Fort Wayne nursing home abuse lawyers at the office of Keffer Hirschauer LLP can help.

What Is Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse can occur in four different ways:

  1. Physical abuse. It is shocking to think that a nursing home staff member would abuse a nursing home resident, but it does happen. Types of physical abuse might include hitting or kicking a resident, improperly restraining a resident, improperly using medication to restrain a resident, and more.
  2. Sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is also a shocking and egregious offense. Sexual abuse includes any unwanted sexual contact or activity with a resident.
  3. Emotional/psychological abuse. Abuse isn’t always physical or sexual; it may be emotional or psychological, too. This might include bullying a resident, refusing to allow a resident to socialize, inciting fear in a resident, or neglecting a resident.
  4. Financial exploitation. Sometimes, nursing home staff members will take advantage of a nursing home resident financially. This might occur when a caregiver convinces a resident to change their will or accounts to name a staff member, when a caregiver steals directly from a nursing home resident, and more.

Nursing home neglect often lacks intent, but can have consequences that are as serious as nursing home abuse. Nursing home neglect might include things like failing to properly supervise residents, failing to move bedridden residents (leading to bedsores), and medical errors. If suspected, both abuse and neglect should be reported.

Holding a Nursing Home Liable for a Nursing Home Resident’s Harm

When a nursing home resident is abused, the abuse could lead to serious injuries, a deterioration in condition, and even death in some cases. Abuse is not only illegal in many cases, but also a breach of the duty of care that a nursing home owes to residents. If a plaintiff can prove that a nursing home breached the duty of care and caused harm to the nursing home resident, then the plaintiff can seek damages for economic and noneconomic losses. In addition to recovering compensation, claims like these are a way to raise awareness around nursing home abuse, holding nursing homes accountable and protecting other residents.

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If your loved one has been harmed as a result of nursing home abuse, call our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys in Fort Wayne immediately. We will start working aggressively on your case immediately, and can fight to get you the settlement you deserve. Reach us by phone or online to schedule your free consultation and get the help you need.