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Title IX eBook

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The Keffer Hirschauer LLP Guide to the Title IX Process

In recent years, allegations of sexual assault, violence, and misconduct have led to Title IX proceedings in colleges and universities – as well as K-12 programs – throughout the United States. Although the purpose of these investigations is to determine the merit of such allegations, it is not uncommon for these cases to be biased and one-sided against the defendant (commonly known as the respondent).

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Keffer Hirschauer LLP has published a Title IX eBook titled, “A Practical Guide to Title IX” to help individuals facing Title IX allegations understand the complexities of the legal process. Not only does the eBook detail each step of the proceedings, but it also provides information regarding updated changes to federal law.

A Practical Guide to Title IX examines the following subjects about Title IX hearings:

  • Certain behaviors actionable under Title IX
  • The process of a Title IX investigation
  • Potential sanctions imposed against the respondent
  • Opportunities to appeal a Title IX panel’s ruling
  • Modifications to Title IX law

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If you or a loved one is found responsible for misconduct allegations, the consequences could cause a negative impact on your education and future. Not only does Bradley Keffer protect the rights and best interests of students facing Title IX hearings, but he is also a public advocate for changing Indiana college and university Title IX procedures to improve their fairness for those accused.

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