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Title IX Certification

If you’re facing a Title IX complaint or investigation in Indiana, you need an experienced Indiana Title IX defense attorney. Each Indiana school or university that falls under Title IX follows its own procedures to investigate and decide claims. Other federal and state laws add layers to the Title IX claim process, so legal representation in this area is essential. At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, we have attorneys who are Trained Title IX Investigators, certified by the Association of Title IX Administrators.

Our attorneys are well-qualified to successfully represent Indiana college students, protecting their futures and degrees by fighting suspension and/or expulsion. We combine our experience as aggressive Indianapolis criminal defense attorneys with our in-depth understanding of protecting individuals' rights and other legislation that affects Title IX. Because of our clear understanding of the Title IX processes at Indiana schools and universities, we can provide much-needed guidance and a forceful defense for students who face a Title IX claim.

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Our Attorneys Know Title IX and Indiana Schools

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination at any federally funded educational institution. The legislation protects both students and employees at schools and universities. Claims may be based on conduct by a student, an employee or educator at the school, or the institution itself. Title IX claims may arise in the following circumstances, among others:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Gender-based discrimination in a school office, student athletic program, school activity, or classroom
  • Sexual harassment or sexual assault by a school employee or student against another employee or student
  • Sexual misconduct or dating violence
  • Creation or toleration of a hostile work environment based on gender-based discrimination or harassment
  • Retaliation for reporting or making a Title IX complaint

Indiana holds a special place in the history of this law as former Senator Birch Bayh originally introduced the Title IX legislation nearly 50 years ago. Continuing the connection with this law, Keffer Hirschauer LLP attorneys keep up to date with the Title IX policies and procedures at Indiana schools and universities.

The Title IX Process Requires Quick, Thorough Action

Title IX processes are not as robust as those in criminal or other court cases. People facing a Title IX claim have fewer protections and less access to information than those charged with crimes. And Title IX matters move rapidly. Educational institutions generally complete their proceedings in 60 days, and potential consequences can be severe.

Title IX sanctions for students include, but are not limited to:

  • Suspension
  • Expulsion
  • Prohibition from participation in certain programs or activities
  • Denial of diploma

Consequences of Title IX violations for employees are equally harsh and include disciplinary actions such as suspension, loss of tenure, and even dismissal.

Violations may also negatively impact future educational or employment opportunities in addition to tarnishing an accused’s reputation. And the information collected in Title IX proceedings may form the basis of later criminal charges or civil action for money damages.

Our Indiana Title IX Defense Lawyers Act Quickly to Protect Your Rights

The pace of Title IX proceedings and potentially severe consequences of violations make it critical for those accused to contact experienced counsel right away. Engaging a reliable Title IX defense lawyer early can protect your rights and bring about the best possible outcome.

If you are facing a Title IX claim in Indiana, we can provide knowledgeable and compassionate legal guidance. Our deep understanding of Title IX and the policies and procedures used by Indiana educational institutions mean that we can hit the ground running. And our experience as skilled criminal defense and Title IX attorneys allows us to provide comprehensive advice to help you anticipate and avoid additional legal problems.

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