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Kokomo Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

According to World Atlas, Indiana has more than 218,000 registered motorcycles, putting our state in the top 15 in the country. Many people enjoy riding a bike for pleasure, while others use a motorcycle as their primary mode of transportation to work and school. With so many motorcycles on the road, you would think that other motorists would be careful. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Instead, motorists can easily strike or drive directly in front of many motorcyclists, causing a collision. Contact our law firm today. A Kokomo motorcycle accident lawyer will help you obtain compensation following a crash by building a solid evidentiary record to prove fault.

Motorcycle Accidents vs. Car Wrecks: Key Similarities

If you have ever handled a car accident claim, you will realize that a motorcycle claim is not that different. Both cases revolve around identifying who is “at fault” for the crash. Basically, this means identifying the person legally responsible for the collision. With motorcycle accidents, another driver on the road is often to blame. Careless motorists can rear end, sideswipe, or cut off a motorcycle because the driver is not paying close enough attention. In other accidents, a driver is in the grips of road rage and takes deliberate, dangerous action around a motorcyclist. In a few accidents, a road defect or bike defect will cause the crash. These defects render it impossible to carefully control the bike, and a rider is injured as a result. For example, a deep pothole could upend even the most careful motorcyclist. The entity at fault must pay compensation, and victims can submit a claim to the defendant’s insurer. Victims should collect proof of medical care, lost income, and property damage (such as damage to your bike).

How Motorcycle Accidents are Different

Many of our clients suffer horrifying injuries in a crash. A car provides a steel cage around occupants, shielding them from direct impact. Sadly, our motorcycle accident clients have no similar protection. Many suffer a direct hit, and they can be gravely injured when thrown from their bike. Our clients have suffered serious injuries, including:
  • Pelvic fracture
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Head injuries
  • Scarring and road rash
  • Infections
  • Nerve damage
  • Spinal cord injury
Immediately go to the hospital following a collision. The sooner a victim receives treatment, the better their odds of recovery.

Why You Need an Experienced Kokomo Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There is a common misconception that motorcyclists are to blame for their own injuries. Many people wrongly believe that bikers weave in and out of traffic regularly or take other dangerous actions. Consequently, insurers often try to pin liability on the motorcyclists for their own accident! At our law firm, we can carefully compile helpful evidence to show who is at fault. We will also fully prove our clients’ losses. Someone with bad injuries should also receive compensation for their pain and suffering and/or emotional distress, along with other financial losses.

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